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Digestive juice

Глоссарий медицинских терминов
    Gastric juice, intestinal juice (usually plural )

Digestive enzyme, английский
    An enzyme which encourages digestion digestive juice 110

Digestive system, английский
  1. Sistema digestivo

  2. The set of organs such as the stomach, liver and pancreas which are associated with the digestion of food. also called alimentary system

Digestive systems, английский
    An old saying holds that midshipmen have guts, wardroom officers have stomachs, and flag officers have palates.

Digestive tract, английский
    Same as alimentary canal

Juice, английский
  1. Slang for lots of speed or spin (e.g., i really "juiced" that one up with spin)

  2. The popular way to refer to electricity and eliminate four syllables.

  3. 1. liquid from a fruit or vegetable  a glass of orange juice or tomato juice 2. a natural fluid of the body.  gastric juice knee jumper’s knee /dmp?z ni /

Juice, английский
    Gossip example tell me the juice on him.

Juice, английский

Juice, английский

Juice, шведский

Juice (дословно "сок"), русский
    Слэнговое выражение для большого количества силы удара и винта

Juice code, английский

Juice concentrate, английский

Juice-chicken, английский
    A term of affection for a spouse or significant other. example yo, brady, your juice-chicken called again.

Juice-isimo, английский
    1. the juiciest 2. delicious. (from a spanish-language starburst ad campaign in southern california.) see dulce-electrico. example that minute maid lemonade is juice-isimo.

Juiced, английский

Juicer, английский

Juicewell, английский

Intestinal, английский

Mouth tre, английский
    Gingivitis operation trendelenburg’s operation /tren del?nb! &z ?p?re??(?)n/

Aminobutyric acid, английский
    Gamma aminobutyric acid