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Barre-guillain syndrome

Глоссарий медицинских терминов
    Guillain-barre syndrome

Syndrome, английский
  1. A condition in which a person becomes depressed and anxious during the winter when there are fewer hours of daylight. its precise cause is not known, but it is thought that the shortage of daylight may provoke a reaction between various hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain. abbr sad, sads

  2. A condition in which the adrenal cortex produces too many corticosteroids [described 1932. after harvey williams cushing (1869–1939), surgeon, boston, usa.] comment: the syndrome is caused either by a tumour in the adrenal gland, by excessive stimulation of the adrenals by the basophil cells of the pituitary gland, or by a corticosteroid- secreting tumour. the syndrome causes swelling of the face and trunk, weakening of the muscles, raised blood pressure and retention of salt and water in the body.

  3. A group of symptoms and other changes in the body’s functions which, when taken together, show that a particular disease is present.  complex

Syndrome (es ae en e) defectus immunitatis acquisiti: sida, латинский

Syndrome du savant, французский
    Expresssion utilisée pour décrire des personnes qui montrent des aptitudes exceptionnelles dans un domaine spécifique (ex : arts, musique, calcul mental, mémoire) alors que leurs aptitudes intellectuelles sont normales

Syndrome hl, французский
    Perturbation du comportement alimentaire consécutif à la destruction de l'hypothalamus latéral. l'animal ayant subit cette lésion cérébrale refuse de boire et manger pendant plusieurs semaines et il pe

Syndrome hvm, французский
    Perturbation du comportement alimentaire consécutif à la destruction de l'hypothalamus ventro-médian. l'animal ayant subit cette lésion cérébrale mange excessivement et de façon vorace et il g

Syndrome postgas, английский
    A group of symptoms which can occur after eating in people who have had stomach operations. it is caused by a lot of food passing into the small intestine too fast and can cause dizziness, nausea, sweating and weakness. also called dumping syndrome

Syndrome x, английский
    An extremely rare condition in males in which they have two y chromosomes instead of one. they grow faster than normal, and their final height is approximately 7cm above average. many experience severe acne during adolescence. y

Syndrome), английский

Syndrome, symptom complex, английский

Morning-after feeling, английский
    Hangover (informal )

Mouth tre, английский
    Gingivitis operation trendelenburg’s operation /tren del?nb! &z ?p?re??(?)n/