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Histaminic headache

Глоссарий медицинских терминов
    Horton’s syndrome

Headache, английский
  1. Dolor de cabeza

  2. A pain in the head, caused by changes in pressure in the blood vessels feeding the brain which act on the nerves. also called cephalalgia comment: headaches can be caused by a blow to the head, by lack of sleep or food, by eye strain, sinus infections and many other causes. mild headaches can be treated with an analgesic and rest. severe headaches which recur may be caused by serious disorders in the head or nervous system.

  3. A very severe throbbing headache which can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, visual disturbance and vertigo. the cause is not known. attacks may be preceded by an ‘aura’, where the patient sees flashing lights, or the eyesight becomes blurred. the pain is usually intense and affects one side of the head only.

  4. Экое место на производстве напр., в гибкой производственной линии)

Headache, английский

Headache ball, английский

Chorionic gonadotrophin, английский
    Human chorionic gonadotrophin

Histamine headache, английский
    Horton’s syndrome