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Irritable colon

Глоссарий медицинских терминов
    Mucous colitis

Colon, английский
  1. Арх. колон; см. galapagos islands

  2. Colon

  3. The main part of the large intestine, running from the caecum at the end of the small intestine to the rectum comment: the colon is about 1.35 metres in length, and rises from the end of the small intestine up the right side of the body, then crosses beneath the stomach and drops down the left side of the body to end as the rectum. in the colon, water is extracted from the waste material which has passed through the small intestine, leaving only the faeces which are pushed forward by peristaltic movements and passed out of the body through the rectum.

  4. N двоеточие

  5. Двоеточие

Colon, испанский

Colon polyps, английский
    Pólipos en el colon

Colon, i, n, латинский

Colonel, английский
    The commander of a regiment, either of horse or foot.

Colonette., английский

Colonette. column 1. in structures, a relatively long, slender structural compression member such as a post, pillar, or strut; usually vertical, supporting a load which acts in (or near) the direction of its longitudinal axis. 2. in classical architecture, английский

Colonia del sacramento, английский

Colonia [ae, f], латинский

Colonia, ae, f, латинский

Colonial, английский
  1. America, a house of a relatively temporary nature, in which the lower ends of the roof rafters rested directly on the ground; a forerunner

  2. New england, a small house having but a single room with a fireplace at one end, usually located near a house of worship; used on sundays by a family as a place in which to warm and feed themselves during breaks in the all-day religious services, because such services typically were conducted in unheated meeting houses. occasionally several families shared a two-room house with a centrally located fireplace; others had a small two-story house for this purpose, with the ground floor used as a stable. also

Colonial casing, английский
    A type of decorative, exposed trim molding. colonial joint

Colonial panel door, английский
    A door having stiles, rails, and a mutin which form frames around recessed panels. colonnade colonial siding

Colonial revival, georgian revival, mission revival, pueblo revival, spanish colonial revival, tudor revival., английский

Colonial siding, английский
    Wide, square-edged siding boards

Colonialis, e, латинский

Colonialismus, i, m, colonica dicio [nis, f], латинский

Coloniam deducere (in america), латинский

Colonic irrigation, английский
    The washing out of the contents of the large intestine using a tube inserted in the anus

Colonicus, a, um, латинский

Colonies in, английский
    America. of these prototypes, the georgian and the federal style (adam style) are the most widely imitated, giving rise to the terms georgian revival and federal revival (adam revival). colonial revival houses are usually the result of a rather free interpretation of their prototypes; they tend to be larger than, and may differ significantly from, the houses they seek to emulate, often exaggerating architectural details. for descriptions of other types of colonial revival architecture,

Flu yup, английский
    Myalgic encephalomyelitis (informal ) z zadik’s operation zadik’s operation / ze?d?ks ?p?re??(?)n/

Embryonic mesoderm, английский