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Turbinate bone

Глоссарий медицинских терминов
    Nasal conchae

Bone, английский
  1. The hard connective tissue forming the substance of the skeleton of most vertebrates, composed of a collagen-rich organic matrix impregnated with calcium, phosphate, and other minerals

  2. Г. бон; см. апnaba

  3. 1. calcified connective tissue 2. one of the calcified pieces of connective tissue which make the skeleton  there are several small bones in the human ear. see illustration at synovial joint in supplement  bone structure 1. the system of jointed bones forming the body 2. the arrangement of the various components of a bone comment: bones are formed of a hard outer layer (compact bone) which is made up of a series of layers of tissue (haversian systems) and a softer inner part (cancellous bone or spongy bone) which contains bone marrow.

  4. Hueso

  5. [1] the white foam or spray thrown out under the bow of a fast-moving vessel, which is said to “have a bone in her teeth.” [2] 18th century rn slang for pilfer, steal or scrounge. the word comes from the name of the boatswain in admiral cornwallis’s flagship, who became notorious for making good deficiencies in his stores by stealing from other ships. the admiral is reported to have said after one such

Bone, английский

Bone black, английский

Bone conduction, английский
    Same as osteophony

Bone damage, английский
    Damage caused to a bone  extensive bruising but no bone damage

Bone deformity, английский

Bone fracture, английский

Bone fu, английский
    Same as olecranon (informal )

Bone graft, английский
    Injerto de hueso

Bone grafting, английский
    The use of bone substitute materials for augmentation of large or small defects and for socket preservation.

Bone house, английский

Bone marrow, английский
  1. Médula osea

  2. Soft tissue in cancellous bone (note: for other terms referring to bone marrow, see words beginning with myel-, myelo-.) comment: two types of bone marrow are to be found: red bone marrow or myeloid tissue, which forms red blood cells and is found in cancellous bone in the vertebrae, the sternum and other flat bones. as a person gets older, fatty yellow bone marrow develops in the central cavity of long bones.

Bone marrow transplant, английский
    Transplante de medula osea

Bone memb, английский
    A bone which develops from tissue and not from cartilage

Bone metastasis, английский
    Metástasis ósea, del hueso

Bone na, английский
    One of two small bones which form the bridge at the top of the nose

Bone of contention, английский

Bone scan, английский
    Tomografía del hueso (ósea)

Bone substitute, английский
    Biomaterial for reconstruction of bone, producing only a scaffold for formation of new bone

Bone taco, английский

Bone temp, английский
    One of the bones which form the sides and base of the cranium. see illustration at ear in supplement comment: the temporal bone is in two parts: the petrous part forms the base of the skull and the inner and middle ears, while the squamous part forms the side of the skull. the lower back part of the temporal bone is the mastoid process, while the part between the ear and the cheek is the zygomatic arch.

Mortification, английский

Flu yup, английский
    Myalgic encephalomyelitis (informal ) z zadik’s operation zadik’s operation / ze?d?ks ?p?re??(?)n/