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Brushed coloring

Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
    The process of applying dyestuff to the leather by means of a brush. in this cosmetic process dyes are not saturated into the hide. butt joint: type of joint where wood ends meet perpendicularly at right angles without overlapping or notching. cabriole: a double-curved furniture leg that flares outward at the top (knee), inward near the foot (ankle), and swings out again at the foot. camel back: chair back with top rail curved up at center. also a curved-back sofa with hump in the center.

Brush, английский
  1. Commonly refers to undesirable shrubs and small trees.

  2. Growth of small trees and shrubs (24).

  3. Щетка

  4. A move; a skirmish.

Brush, английский

Brush, английский

Brush a road, английский
    To cover or fill mudholes, swampy places, and other depressions in a logging road to make it passable for vehicles (8).

Brush cut, английский
    To clear away brush from a trail, survey line, or tree before working (8).

Brush disposal, английский
    Getting rid of slash on a logging operation (19).

Brush graining, английский
    An imitation effect of wood grain; produced by drawing a clean dry brush through a dark liquid stain, applied over a dry, light base coat.

Brush house., английский

Brush maker, английский

Brush mark, английский
    A small ridge or valley produced in a paint film by the combing action of the bristles of a brush.

Brush out, английский
    To clear an area of brush for a trail, survey line, or road.

Brush rake, английский
    An attachment with heavy-duty tines, which is fixed to the front of a tractor or other prime mover; used in land clearing to gather and pile debris. brussels carpet 1. a carpet made of several colors of worsted yarn, fixed in backing of strong linen thread; the pile forms a pattern of uncut loops. 2. an inexpensive, single-colored substitute for the above. brutalism, new brutalism a style of modern architecture, primarily in the 1960s, emphasizing heavy, monumental, stark concrete forms and raw surfaces; may show patterns of the rough wood formwork used in casting the concrete (beton brut). buildings in this style are often suggestive of massive sculptures. brz on drawings, abbr. for bronze. brzg on drawings, abbr. for “brazing.” bs 1. abbr. for “british standard” published by

Brushability, английский
    The property of a paint or varnish which enables it to be applied smoothly by brushing.

Brushed finish, английский
    A surface finish on stonework, produced by treating the surface with a rotating wire brush.

Brushed surface, английский
    Said of a concrete surface that has been stroked with a stiff brush when the concrete is freshly placed or slightly hardened. brush finish, brushed finish a finish produced by a rotating wire brush.

Brushfield, английский

Brushing, английский

Brushite, английский

Brushless d.c. motor driven gyro, английский

Brushout, английский
    The application of paint on a small surface for testing.

Overlapping, английский

Perpendicular, английский
  1. Перпендикуляр; перпендикулярный

  2. A right line falling from or standing upon another vertically, and making the angle of 90° on both sides.

Papillary, английский
    The upper portion of the hide that has been separated from the reticular or split layer.

Grain (leather), английский
    The outside of the hide or skin consisting of the pores, cells, wrinkles and other characteristics which constitute the natural texture of the leather.