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Camel back chair

Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
    A chair that arches in the middle.

Back, английский
  1. A defender.

  2. Espalda

  3. 1. the part of the body from the neck downwards to the waist, which is made up of the spine and the bones attached to it (note: for other terms referring to the back, see dorsal and words beginning with dorsi-, dorso-.) 2. the other side from the front  she has a swelling on the back of her hand.  dorsum

  4. Slang, vowel back-formation

Back, английский

Back, английский

Back, английский

Back, английский

Camel, английский
  1. Either of two large, humped, ruminant quadrupeds of the genus camelus

  2. Common automatic manifest exchange language. a computer protocol designed to facilitate the transfer manifest information to/from continental marketing organizations.

Chair, английский

Hitchcock chair, английский
    A chair that has a rush or caned seat and an oval turned top rail. it also has a

Chaise recliner, английский
    A chair that allows you to lean back and put up your feet.