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Antique finish

Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
    A special finish to give the appearance of age to furniture. this is mostly done

Finish, английский
  1. The configuration of a container top shaped to accommodate a closure.

  2. Follow through and "freeze"

  3. Окончание, конец; отделка (поверхности); чистовая обработка

  4. Generally defines a surface application on the leather to color, protect or mask imperfections. more specifically, it refers to all processes administered to leather after it has been tanned.

  5. A coating applied to the wood that helps protect it. sometimes a finish may also have

  6. A style of ing a shingle, slate, or tile hip roof; the shingles are laid in two parallel rows which overlap at the hip; alternate courses overlap in opposite directions, providing a weatherproof joint. bottom arm 127 bosun’s chair a suspended seat for one person, supported by a rope, sometimes used instead of a scaffold for minor jobs; its height may be adjusted by a powered winch or block and tackle.

Finish, английский

Finish, немецкий
    In der mode letzter ausrüstungsvorgang, der geweben den letzten schliff bzw. besondere eigenschaften verleiht

Appearance, английский
  1. Manifestation of the nature of objects and materials through visual attributes such as size, shape, color, texture, glossiness, transparency, opacity, etc.

  2. Going to court. or a legal paper that says you will participate in the court process

Futon, английский
    A special type of sofa that can be converted into bed. good for small spaces.

Lowboy, английский
  1. A short table with one or two drawers.

  2. A type of trailer for hauling construction equipment, with reduced ground clearance that facilitates loading of machinery without an auxiliary ramp. low-carbon steel steel having a carbon content less than 0.20%. low-density concrete concrete whose ovendry unit weight of less than 50 pounds per cubic foot (800 kg/m3). low-emissivity glass, low-e glass 1.a glass that has a special thin-film metallic or oxide coating which allows short-wavelength energy of the sun to be transmitted into a building, but which prevents long-wavelength energy of the heating systems within the building from escaping to the exterior; thereby conserves heat energy. 2.