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Bonded leather

Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
    Leather combined with materials such as polyurethane to make it more durable

Leather, английский
  1. An animal hide that has been preserved and dressed for use.

  2. N кожа (материал для письма )

Leather, английский

Polyurethane, английский
  1. [oconhrnhcoor`]n

  2. Полиуретан

  3. Man-made synthetic foam used for filling and for cushions. rigid polyurethane

Full grain leather, английский
    Leather that has not been altered. the best kind of leather.

Laminated wood, английский
  1. Layers of wood that are fastened together with glue. usually for lower

  2. Board or timber built up of plies which are joined together by gluing; usually the grain of all plies is parallel.