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Burl veneer

Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
    Veneers with a decorative irregular mottled pattern. made from the natural knots

Burl, английский
  1. 1. a hard, woody outgrowth on a tree, more or less rounded in form, usually resulting from the entwined growth of a cluster of buds. such burls are the source of the highly figured burl veneers used for purely ornamental purposes.

  2. (1) a hard, woody outgrowth on a tree, more or less rounded in form, usually resulting from the entwined growth of a cluster of adventitious buds

Burl, 1. bursting strength 1. a measure of the ability of a sheet to resist rupture when pressure is applied to one side by a specified instrument under specified conditions. 2. of a pipe or fitting, the internal pressure required to result in its failure, английский

Burlap., английский

Burled defect, английский

Burled discontinuity, английский

Burleske sprache, немецкий

Burley, английский
    The butt-end of a lance.

Burlington, английский
    Г. берлингтон (шт. вермонт, сша)

Venedic / wenedyk, английский

Veneer, английский
  1. A thin layer or sheet of wood.

  2. Extremely thin sheets of wood. also a thin slice of wood or brick or stone covering a framed wall.

  3. A thin decorative layer of wood which is applied to underlying wood solids to match

  4. Шпон

Veneer base, английский
    A type of gypsum lath sheeting, usually 4 ft (121.9 cm) wide, available in various thicknesses and lengths; has a gypsum core with a special paper facing which permits veneer plaster to be applied.

Veneer laid in a, английский
    Flemish bond pattern with the facing secured to the timber framing by decorative wrought-iron anchors; where wood was plentiful, wide weatherboarding used as siding instead of brick facing; stone walls in regions where stone was commonly available; a parapeted gable-end wall often facing the street; typically, corbie gables or steeply pitched straight-line gables; often, a gambrel roof with flared eaves; usually, a brick chimney within the exterior walls, topped with a chimney cap; casement windows with small glass panes in cames; battened shutters (later replaced by double-hung windows); a dutch door or paneled double door, often with a transom light above; usually an exterior stoop in front of the door. dutch colonial revival revival architecture from the late 19th century onward, loosely

Veneer plaster, английский
    A one-component or twocomponent mill-mixed gypsum plaster; applied to a maximum overall thickness of about 3?32 in. (0.25 cm); has good bond, high strength; is rapidly installed.

Veneer tie, английский
    A wall tie designed to hold a veneer facing to the wall construction. veneer wall, veneered wall any wall having a facing which is attached, but not bonded, to the wall. also

Veneer wall tie, английский
    A strip of metal used to tie a facing veneer to the wall which it covers. venetian, venetian mosaic a type of terrazzo topping containing large chips. venetian arch a pointed arch in which the intrados and extrados are farther apart at the peak than at the springing line. venetian blind 1.a blind, 1 made of thin horizontal slats or louvers, so connected as to overlap one another when closed, and to show a series of open spaces for the admission of light and air when open; esp. a hanging blind of which the slats are held together by strips of webbing or other flexible material. 2. adjustable exterior slatted shutters. venetian dentil a type of dentil; a notched ornamentation consisting of a series of cubical projections alternating with sloped surfaces. venetian door a door having a long narrow window at each side which is similar in form to

Veneer, 1., английский

Veneered, английский

Veneered door, английский
    A door made up of either a solid or a hollow core and veneer faces.

Veneered plywood, английский
    Plywood which is faced with a decorative wood veneer.

Veneered wall, английский
    A wall of veneered construction. for example, a wall having a facing of brick or some other weather-resistant noncombustible material that is securely attached to the backing, but not bonded to it.

Leather match, английский
    Vinyl is dyed to match the leather, and used on sides and backs of upholstered

English dovetail, английский
    Type of drawer construction which usually signifies a better construction.