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American lumber standard

Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
    The american softwood lumber standard, voluntary product standard ps–20 (national

American, английский
  1. Used to refer to hitting the ball harder than you need to, like a banger (e.g., "don’t put too much american on the ball"). this is a play on the use of "english" to refer to side spin (e.g., "don’t put too much english on the bal

  2. Американский

  3. Американский 67

  4. ^physical society американское физическое общество

American, русский
    Термин используется для обозначения удара по шару сильнее, чем требуется, например новичком. термин происходит от термина "english" (боковой винт)

Lumber, английский
  1. A north american synonym for timber.

  2. The product of the saw and planing mill for which manufacturing is limited to sawing, resawing, passing lengthwise through a standard planing machine, crosscutting to length, and matching

  3. Lumber having one or more of its faces planed smooth.

Lumber, немецкий
    Taillenkurze gerade oder anliegende jacke mit bündchenabschluß

Standard, английский
  1. An established, approved reference against which instrument measurements of samples are evaluated.

  2. "material or solution with which the sample is compared in order to determine the concentration or other quantity. the compound term calibration standard should be used whenever needed to avoid confusion with other technical or colloquial meanings of the word standard." [ifcc]

  3. Стандарт; стандартный

  4. 1. something which has been agreed upon and is used to measure other things by 2. a level of quality achieved by someone or something  the standard of care in hospitals has increased over the last years.  the report criticised the standards of hygiene in the clinic.

  5. N стандарт | a стандартный language 2 термин в большей мере соответствует русскому термину «орфогра- фия», нежели более общий orthography, объединяющий в себе право- писание и пунктуацию. 3 ошибка, представляющая собой замену двух сегментов слов: «our queer old dean» вместо «our dear old queen»; по имени декана одного из колледжей оксфорда в. спунера. state 84 structurally standard average european среднеевропей- ский стандарт (б. уорф ) ~ ~ languages языки среднеевропейского стандарта colloquial ~ разговорный стандарт literary ~ литературный стандарт provincial ~ местный стандарт

Assembly adhesive, английский
    An adhesive that can be used for bonding parts together, such as in the manufacture of a boat, airplane, furniture, and the like.

Allowable property, английский
    The value of a property normally published for design use