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Assembly joint

Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
    Joints between variously shaped parts or subassemblies such as in wood furniture (as opposed to joints in plywood and laminates that are all quite similar).

Assembly, английский
  1. Узел; агрегат; сборка; монтаж

  2. Сборка; агрегат; узел

  3. Комплекс

Joint, английский
  1. A prepared connection for joining pieces of wood or veneer.

  2. The location between the touching surfaces of two members or components joined and held together by nails, glue, cement, mortar, or other means.

  3. The mechanical connection (usually threaded) between the butt and shaft ends of a two-piece cue

  4. Соединение; стык; объединенный, совместный

  5. Стык; шов; соединение, связь; шарнир; узел; разъем; совместный, объединенный

  6. Articulación, coyuntura, junta, juntura, unión

  7. Articulación, junta, juntura

  8. The junction of two pieces of wood or veneer.

  9. A method of joining carpentry work by screws which are hidden.

  10. A structure at a point where two or more bones join, especially one which allows movement of the bones  the elbow is a joint in the arm.  arthritis is accompanied by stiffness in the joints.  charcot’s 209 juxtaposition joint (note: for other terms referring to joints, see words beginning with arthr-, arthro-.)

Joint, английский

Balanced construction, английский
  1. A construction such that the forces induced by uniformly distributed changes in moisture content

  2. A plywood or sandwich- panel construction which has an odd number of plies laminated together so that the balaustre, canary wood a south american glossy wood; quite hard, heavy; yellowish brown, orange, or purplish brown in color. balc on drawings, abbr. for balcony.

Assembly adhesive, английский
    An adhesive that can be used for bonding parts together, such as in the manufacture of a boat, airplane, furniture, and the like.