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Bark pocket

Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
    An opening between annual growth rings that contains bark

Bark, шведский

Bark, английский
  1. Лай; лаять

  2. Alternative spelling of barque.

  3. The protective outer layer of a tree, composed of inner, conductive cells and outer corklike tissue. bargeboard barn-door stay a small wheel which rolls along a horizontal track and guides the movement of a barn door.

  4. Барк

  5. The exterior covering of vegetable bodies, many of which are useful in making paper, cordage, cloth, dyes, and medicines.

  6. A small three-masted ship, square-rigged on fore and main masts, with fore-and-aft sails on the mizzen.

Bark (кора), английский

Bark allowance, английский

Bark beetle, английский
    Small, cylindrical beetle of the family scolytidae, the adult of which bores into and beneath the bark of various trees for the purpose of egg laying (17).

Bark house, английский
    A dwelling once used by certain indian tribes in america; usually made of a framework of wood poles, lashed together, and covered with overlapping slabs of bark.

Bark mill, английский
    A small building that was once used for processing bark used in dyeing and tanning. bark pocket, inbark, ingrown bark a small quantity of bark, nearly or entirely enclosed in wood. barley-sugar column (brit.) a spiral column.

Bark mill, bolting mill, gristmill, sawmill, textile mill, tide mill, water mill, windmill., английский

Bark pocket., английский

Bark residue, английский
    Refers to the bark removed from a log and also to portions of wood and foreign matter such as sand, grit, or stones that may be imbedded in the bark (1).

Bark second, английский
    When a vehicle barks its tires when shifting from first to second gear. example

Bark, or barqu, английский
    [from barca, low latin]. a general name given to small ships, square-sterned, without head-rails; it is, however, peculiarly appropriated by seamen to a three-masted vessel with only fore-and-aft sails on her mizen-mast.—bark-rigged. rigged as a bark, with no square sails on the mizen-mast.

Barkan, английский

Barkantine, or barquantine, английский
    A name applied on the great lakes of north america to a vessel square-rigged on the fore-mast, and fore-and-aft rigged on the main and mizen masts. they are not three-masted schooners, as they have a regular brigantine`s fore-mast. they are long in proportion to their other dimensions, to suit the navigation of the canals which connect some of these lakes.

Barkentine, английский
  1. Alternative spelling of barquentine.

  2. Similar to a bark, but square-rigged only on the foremast.

Barker, английский
  1. Machine used to remove bark from pulpwood (8).

  2. 18th century slang for a pistol. hence, barking-irons = dueling pistols.

Barkers, английский
    An old term for lower-deck guns and pistols.

Barkevikite, английский

Barkey, английский
    A sailor`s term for the pet ship to which he belongs.

Barkie bag, английский
    Doggie bag that you bring home from a restaurant for your pooch or some other animal. example i brought a barkie bag home for roscoe.

Bastard sawn, английский
    Lumber (primarily hardwoods) in which the annual rings make angles of 30° to 60° with the surface of the piece.

Balanced construction, английский
  1. A construction such that the forces induced by uniformly distributed changes in moisture content

  2. A plywood or sandwich- panel construction which has an odd number of plies laminated together so that the balaustre, canary wood a south american glossy wood; quite hard, heavy; yellowish brown, orange, or purplish brown in color. balc on drawings, abbr. for balcony.