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Bastard sawn

Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
    Lumber (primarily hardwoods) in which the annual rings make angles of 30° to 60° with the surface of the piece.

Bastard, английский
  1. A nonstandard item; one of irregular or abnormal size or shape or of inferior quality. bastard ashlar, bastard masonry 1. stone, in thin blocks, used to face a brick or rubble wall; square-hewn and laid to resemble ashlar. 2. ashlar stones which are only roughly dressed at the quarry.

  2. A term applied to all pieces of ordnance which are of unusual or irregular proportions: the government bastard-cannon had a 7-inch bore, and sent a 40-lb. shot. also, a fair-weather square sail in some mediterranean craft, and occasionally used for an awning.

Bastard ashlar., английский

Bastard bond, английский

Bastard file, английский
    One of four principal classifications of files which are graded according to coarseness (coarse, bastard, second, smooth).

Bastard granite, английский
    A quarry term for gneissic granites; not considered a true granite; used in wall construction.

Bastard hat, английский

Bastard joint, английский

Bastard masonry, английский

Bastard pointing, английский

Bastard spruce, английский

Bastard stucco, английский
    Plaster applied in three coats: a scratch, a brown, and a finish coat. bastard tuck pointing, bastard pointing an imitation tuck pointing in which the external face is parallel to the wall, but projects slightly and casts a shadow. bastel house, bastille house, bastle house a partly fortified house whose lowest story usually is vaulted. bastide 1. a medieval settlement built for defense purposes and generally laid out with a geometric plan, esp. in france. 2. a small rural dwelling in

Bastard tuck pointing. bastard-sawn, английский

Sawn face, английский

Sawn timber, английский
    Timber finished to size with a saw.

Sawn veneer, английский
  1. Veneer produced by sawing.

  2. A strong, high-quality veneer cut with a thin saw, rather than sliced or rotary-cut.

Sawnsawed, английский

Bending, steam, английский
    The process of forming curved wood members by steaming

Bark pocket, английский
    An opening between annual growth rings that contains bark