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Blue stain

Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
  1. A bluish or grayish discoloration of the sapwood caused by the growth of certain dark‑colored fungi on the surface and in the interior of the wood; made possible by the same conditions that favor the growth of other fungi.

  2. A dark stain in the sapwood of some species of trees, usually caused by a fungus; it does not weaken the wood; also called sap stain.

Blue, английский
  1. The pure color of a clear sky; the primary color between green and violet in the visible spectrum, an effect of light with a wavelength between 450 and 500 nm

  2. P. голубой нил (судан и эфиопия)

  3. Till all`s blue: carried to the utmost—a phrase borrowed from the idea of a vessel making out of port, and getting into blue water.—to look blue, to be surprised, disappointed, or taken aback, with a countenance expressive of displeasure.

Blue, английский

Blue 1 oy, английский

Blue asbestos, английский

Blue baby, английский
    A baby who has congenital cyanosis, born either with a congenital heart condition or with a collapsed lung, which prevents an adequate supply of oxygen reaching the tissues, giving the baby’s skin a slight blue colour (informal )

Blue backing, английский

Blue blockers, английский
    An orange colored tint formulated to block out ultraviolet radiation and reduce blue light which may be harmful to the eye.

Blue blur, английский
    The condition of unclear vision due to the scattered blue light in the visible spectrum.

Blue book, английский
    [1] generically, any report published by the u s government. [2] specifically, regulations for the united states navy, listing the lineal precedence and seniority of its officers. cf. black book of admiralty.

Blue brittleness, английский

Blue chip, английский
    Considered to be a large, safe, prestigious company. such companies are usually well-known, have a large market capitalisation and a good track record of dividend payments. not all stocks in the ftse 100 are blue chips and not all blue chips are in the ftse. some blue chips also implode, as in the case of marconi, the telecommunications firm. the term comes from poker where blue chips were the highest-valued chips in the game.

Blue chip rate, английский
    Первоклассная ставка - процентная ставка по кредиту первоклассному заемщик, базовая ставка банка плюс примерно процент;

Blue chips, английский
  1. Наиболее ликвидные акции. обычно акции ведущих компаний;

  2. Наиболее ликвидные акции. обычно акции ведущих ком¬паний.

Blue chips, итальянский
    Titoli azionari di societa che posseggono una lunga tradizione di gestione corretta e redditizia, una dimensione e una struttura importante, e un volume di contrattazione particolarmente alto.

Blue disease, английский

Blue ensign, английский
    One of three united kingdom naval flags carrying the union in the hoist canton (upper left quadrant). see british ensigns.

Blue envelope, английский

Blue falcon, английский

Blue hairs, английский
    Old people, especially women. example a sorry i was late, but the left lane was filled with nothing but blue hairs going 40. b how do you get 100 blue hairs to swear at the same time? yell bingo!

Blue hole, английский

Blue indicating light, английский
    Голубая индикаторная лампа

Discoloration, английский
  1. Change in the colour of wood caused by fungal or chemical stains, weathering, or heat treatment.

  2. Any change in color from the original color or from the desired color.

  3. A change in colour

Conditions, английский
    The terms of surrender.

Bond failure, английский
    Rupture of adhesive bond.

Birdseye, английский
    Small localized areas in wood with the fibers indented