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Bond failure

Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
    Rupture of adhesive bond.

Bond, английский
  1. An electrical conductor complete with terminations which connects together items of equipment.

  2. Облигаци, долговое обязательство, ценная бумага, приносящая держателю установленный заранее доход, а также:

  3. Связь, соединение; металлическая перемычка

  4. Bonding

  5. Облигация, долговое обязательство, ценная бумага, прино¬сящая держателю установленный заранее доход.

  6. Облигация (в снс; ценная бумага, дающая ее держателю безусловное право на фиксированный денежный доход в этом случае), см obligation

  7. Обязательство, бонд, облигация, залог

  8. (1) the union of materials by adhesives

  9. In masonry, a in which bricks or stones are laid lengthwise; all courses are laid as hollow-masonry-unit stretchers stretcher bond stretcher laid in a wall stretchers with the vertical joints of one course falling midway between those of adjacent courses. stretcher course, stretching course a course consisting only of stretchers.

  10. Similar to english , but the stretchers, in alternating courses, have their joints displaced by half the length of a stretcher. english frame house in colonial america, particularly along the mid-atlantic coast in the middle and latter part of the 17th century, a timber-framed house whose construction followed the then-current traditional framing techniques

Bond, английский
    Liant / liaison chimique

Bond, английский

Bond, английский

Failure, английский
  1. A deviation from the specified performance of a system, product or other change. a failure is the consequence of a fault or error.

  2. Неудача. нехватка. неисправность. повреждение.

  3. Отказ

  4. In structural engineering, that condition of a structural element (or its material components) which renders it incapable of continuing the load-carrying function for which it was designed; may be caused by fracture or by excessive and permanent plastic deformation.

  5. N неудача (ант. success) communicative ~ коммуникативная неудача (ант. сommunicative success)

Failure, английский

Failure, английский

Bond strength, английский
    The unit load applied in tension, compression,

Blue stain, английский
  1. A bluish or grayish discoloration of the sapwood caused by the growth of certain dark‑colored fungi on the surface and in the interior of the wood; made possible by the same conditions that favor the growth of other fungi.

  2. A dark stain in the sapwood of some species of trees, usually caused by a fungus; it does not weaken the wood; also called sap stain.