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Bondline slip

Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
    Movement within and parallel to the bondline

Bondline, английский
    The layer of adhesive that attaches two adherends.

Slip, немецкий

Slip, английский
  1. Too steep a bank in a turn, causing an aircraft to slide inward from its ideal turning path.

  2. Relative movement in the direction of travel at the mutual contact surface of the traction or transport device and the surface that supports it (7).

  3. Межсетевой протокол передачи ip-пакетов по синхронным или асинхронным последовательным каналам, бывший стандартом де-факто до появления протокола ppp. описан в rfc 1055

  4. Serial line internet protocol (obs.)

  5. Serial line internet protocol

  6. 1. a berth for a ship or boat; a place for a ship or boat to moor.

  7. A vessel`s berth between two piers.

  8. Скользить, сдвиг, смещение

  9. Стеклопаста

  10. Используется при изготовлении различных элементов элт)

  11. N ошибка, описка, обмолвка и т.п. (в речи, на письме ) accidental ~ случайная описка ~ of the pen опечатка, описка (син. corrigendum, misprint, printer’s error) ~ of the tongue оговорка tongue ~ оговорка first law of ~ ~ первый закон оговорок3

  12. Снять петлю непровязанной

  13. Снять петлю (снятая петля) - спицы

  14. An inclined plane by the water side, on which a ship may be built. there are also slips up which vessels may be drawn for receiving repairs. also, a short memorandum of the proposed insurance of a ship, which is sometimes offered to the underwriters for subscription, previous to the effecting of a policy. also, in steam navigation, the difference between the pitch of the propelling screw, and the space through which the screw actually progresses in the water, during one revolution.—to slip, is to let go the cable with a buoy on the end, and quit the position, from any sudden requirement, instead of weighing the anchor.—to slip by the board. to slip down by the ship`s side.

  15. [1] the difference between the theoretical and actual motion induced by a propeller. [2] to release the anchor by unbuckling its chain—only done in emergency since both chain and anchor will be lost. [3] the space or berth for a vessel between two piers or jetties. [4] a slipway.

Slip, английский

Slip, испанский
    Acrónimo de serial line internet protocol [protocolo internet de línea serie] se trata de un protocolo de bajo nivel que permite transferir paquetes de octetos (ip) a través de una línea asíncrona aunque origin

Slip ( sl ), английский
    Снять петлю непровязанной

Slip (sl), английский
    Снять петлю непровязанной

Slip - serial line internet protocol, английский
    Slip is currently a de facto standard, commonly used for point-to-point serial connections running tcp/ip. it is not an internet standard but is defined in rfc 1055.

Slip and cut program, английский

Slip angle, английский
    The angle between the direction in which a tire is aimed or steered and the actual direction of tire travel.

Slip bead, английский
    Ввязать бусинку

Slip bead ( sb1 ), английский
    Ввязать бусинку

Slip bead (sb1), английский
    Ввязать бусинку

Slip clove hitch, английский
    Выбленочный узел

Slip direction sensor, английский
    Датчик направления скольжения i проскальзывания) объекта

Slip displacement sensor, английский
    Датчик перемещения объекта при проскальзывании

Slip feather, английский

Slip form., английский

Slip form. continuous-pressure electric elevator an electric elevator operated by means of push continuous waste-and-vent a waste pipe and a vent pipe which are in a straight line, the latter being a continuation of the former., английский

Slip frequency, английский

Boxed heart, английский
    The term used when the pith falls entirely within the four faces of a piece of wood anywhere in its length

Bondline, английский
    The layer of adhesive that attaches two adherends.