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10 октября, 2018

Free Translation for a link

02 февраля, 2018

“Professional translation” means...

26 января, 2018

Professional Translation in the Field of Electrical Engineering and Microelectronics

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Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
    A condition of stress and set in dry lumber characterized by compressive stress in the outer layers and tensile stress in the center or core.

Compressive, английский

Cellulosic fiberboard, английский
    A generic term for a low-‑density panel made from lignocellulosic fibers characterized by an integral bond produced by interfelting of the fibers, to which other materials may have been added during manufacture

Built-‑up timbers, английский
    An assembly made by joining layers of lumber together with mechanical fastenings so that the grain of all laminations is essentially parallel.