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Anti-thrust bolt

Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
    A spring bolt, for a night latch particularly, which cannot be pushed back when it has shot out and fastened a door, although it can be withdrawn by knob or key. this security device is usually achieved by a dog inside the latch case which falls behind the bolt and keeps it shot out when an auxiliary slide is pushed in.

Anti-thrust plate, английский
    An overlapping metal plate fitted to outward opening doors so as to prevent access to lock bolts.

Bolt, английский
  1. Short piece of pulpwood (22).

  2. Bomb laser tracking

  3. (1) a short section of a tree trunk

  4. The part of a lock or latch which provides the fastening or engagement by protruding from the case or forend to engage in the staple, striking plate, link, shackle or other member. bow (of key) that part of the key which is held in the fingers when operating the lock or latch.

  5. A cylindrical pin of iron or copper to unite the different parts of a vessel, varied in form according to the places where they are required. in ship-building square ones are used in frame-fastening; the heads of all bolts are round, saucer, or collared.—bolt of the irons, which runs through three pairs of shackles.—drift or drive-bolts are used to drive out others.—bay-bolts, have jags or barbs on each side, to keep them from flying out of their holes.—clench-bolts are clenched with rivetting hammers.— fend or fender

  6. The short arrow-like missile fired by a crossbow.

Bolt, английский

Bolt, английский

Bolt, венгерский

Bolt, английский

Bolt, английский

Bolt, венгерский

Bolt, английский

Bolt (to), английский

Bolt bender-and- inserter, английский

Bolt blank., английский

Bolt cathode, английский

Bolt density, английский

Bolt fitting, английский

Bolt head, английский
    The enlarged shape which is preformed on one end of a bolt to provide a bearing surface.

Bolt hole crack, английский
    A progressive fracture that originates at a bolt hole and progresses radially away from the hole. the origin is usually stresses along the edge of the hole from the bolt. the stresses may be the result of vertical or horizontal rail movement, improper drilling, a burr on the edge of the bolt hole, or rollingstock impacts. growth may be erratic and accelerated when subjected to additional stresses. upon service failure the rail may break into several pieces. as bolt holes are normally associated with fishplated joints, visual detection may only be possible after removal of plates. the crack may be accentuated by oxidation (bleeding).

Bolt hole elongation, английский
    A mechanical compression or damage at a bolt hole arising from interaction with the bolt. the hole becomes oval with the resultant metal flow concentrating stress. this defect may progress to a bolt hole crack if at a rail end. a horizontal split web may develop in a welded rail if the defect is not removed. as bolt hole defects are normally associated with fishplated joints, visual detection may only be possible after removal of plates.

Bolt hole, non-conforming, английский
    Any hole drilled in a rail web that does not comply with specifications with respect to horizontal or vertical position, size, shape, condition or separating distance from other holes or rail end. this defect may result in additional stresses in bolt holes. as bolt hole defects are normally associated with fishplated joints, visual detection may only be possible after removal of plates.

Bolt of canvas, английский
    The piece or roll of 39 yards in which it is supplied, but which usually measure about 40 yards in length; it is generally from 22 to 30 inches wide.

Particularly, английский

Particular, английский
    A частный; конкретный grammar partitioned a разделённый на части sequence 1 одна из базовых операций компьютерной обработки текстов; в каче- стве данных берутся текст либо сегмент текста, грамматика и цель разбора, а на выходе получается удовлетворяющее цели множество значений категориальной отнесённости сегментов в виде, например, дерева разбора. 2 применяется запоминание также и гипотез, выдвигаемых при разбо- ре, и результатов их проверки – м. кэй. 3 используется, в частности, для разбора арифметических выражений. partitioning n членение sentence ~ членение предложений (напр., при переводе )

Birmingham bar, английский
    A steel bar fitted to the inside face of a door frame on the hinge side. blank (key) or key blank a partly made key, which has been shaped to enter the keyhole of a certain type of lock or latch, but of which the blade has not been finally notched to operate any individual lock.

Thumb turn, английский
    A small fitting, on the inside of a mortice lock, which is gripped between thumb and finger to operate the deadbolt. it should not be used on glass- or wood-panelled doors.