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Anti-thrust plate

Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
    An overlapping metal plate fitted to outward opening doors so as to prevent access to lock bolts.

Anti-thrust bolt, английский
    A spring bolt, for a night latch particularly, which cannot be pushed back when it has shot out and fastened a door, although it can be withdrawn by knob or key. this security device is usually achieved by a dog inside the latch case which falls behind the bolt and keeps it shot out when an auxiliary slide is pushed in.

Plate, английский
  1. A steel plate fitted between the rail and sleeper or timber to spread the load on the sleeper. plates may be double shoulder, clip fastening, taper, level or cant to suit requirements.

  2. A horizontal framing member laid flat.

  3. Normally a 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 that lays horizontally within a framed structure, such as:

  4. 1. a flat sheet of metal or bone  the surgeon inserted a plate in her skull. 2. a flat piece of metal attached to a fractured bone to hold the broken parts together

  5. The uppermost horizontal member of a partition; the top plate of a partition on which the joists rest.

  6. In marine law, refers to jewels, plate, or treasure, for which freight is due. thus, plate-ship is a galleon so laden.

  7. Backstay-plate. a piece of iron used instead of a chain to confine the dead-eye of the backstay to the after-channel.— foot-hook or futtock plates. iron bands fitted to the lower dead-eyes of the topmast-shrouds, which, passing through holes in the rim of the top, are attached to the upper ends of the futtock-shrouds.

  8. [1] term in maritime law covering jewels and treasure shipped as freight. [2] gold or silver bullion. [3] one of the metal sheets of a ship’s hull. [4] a tectonic plate.

Plate, английский

Plate, английский

Plate, латинский

Plate & frame exchanger, английский

Plate anchor, английский

Plate and frame filter press, английский

Plate beam, английский

Plate bearing test, английский

Plate bolt, английский
    A bolt in a building foundation which secures the plate or sill. plastic yield 740 plate, 2 plate bolt

Plate boundary observatory, английский

Plate configuration, английский
    Конфигурация пластин

Plate continuity, английский

Plate cooler, английский
    Boite de refroidissement

Plate cooler, английский

Plate cooling, английский
    Refroidissement par boites

Plate cooling, английский

Plate cover, английский

Plate cut, английский

Overlapping, английский

Sash lock, английский
    An upright mortice lock, consisting of a latch bolt and a key operated bolt.

One-way action, английский
    An action where the follower will turn only one way.