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Burglar bars

Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
    Steel bars, usually round or square in profile, cut to length and fixed internally to window frames.

Bars, английский
    Ballistic analysis research system

Burglar, английский

Panel grilles, английский
    Steel grilles made to size with various infills of expanded diamond mesh, square weldmesh or fancy infills, usually fitted internally.

Striking plate, английский
    Sometimes referred to as a “striker”. it is a shaped flat metal plate fixed to the door frame or jamb with one or more bolt holes into which the bolt or bolts shoot. there is a shaped projecting lip on one side to guide the springbolt. it is used with all mortice locks or latches, and with rim locks or latches with reversed springbolt on an outward opening door. suite (of locks) a group or collection of locks and/or locking latches and padlocks of different types and changes incorporated together under a master key or grand master key.