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Barrel bolt

Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
    The common kind of door bolt having a round shoot running in a long continuous guide or strap attached by the backplate, the shoot being provided with a knob or the equivalent for operation by hand.

Barrel, английский
  1. Liquid measure, equivalent to 42 u.s. gallons (4).

  2. Баррель - единица измерения объема нефти, равная 42 галлонам сша, или 159 литрам;

  3. Бочка емкостью примерно в 40 галлонов

  4. Ствол (оружия); баррель

  5. A unit of liquid volume of petroleum oils equal to 42 u.s. gallons or approximately 35 imperial gallons.

  6. A cylindrical vessel for holding both liquid and dry goods. also, a commercial measure of 31-1/2 gallons.

  7. [1] a cylindrical container, usually bulging at the middle, consisting of wooden staves bound with metal hoops. [2] the tube, forming the main part of a gun, through which shells or bullets are discharged. [3] a volumetric measure (42 u.s. gallons = 35 imp gallons = 159 liters) used in the petroleum and shipping industries.

Barrel, английский

Barrel arch, английский
    An arch formed of a curved solid plate or slab, as contrasted with one formed with individual curved members or ribs. barrel bolt, tower bolt a door bolt which moves in a cylindrical casing; not driven by a key.

Barrel bolt., английский

Barrel ceiling, английский
    A ceiling of semicylindrical shape.

Barrel chest, английский
    A chest formed like a barrel, caused by asthma or emphysema barrier cream 38

Barrel distortion, английский
  1. A distortion in a monitor due to non uniform scanning which causes the image to appear to bulge outward like a barrel.

  2. A common geometric lens distortion causing an acquired image to pucker toward the center and be rounded along the outer edges. see examples of it at andromeda`s lensdoc page.

  3. An optical distortion resulting in the image bowing out of square. barrel distortion is usually associated with less expensive wide-angle lenses and digital cameras, and is most apparent in architectural photographs or images containing lines that run parallel to each other in the horizontal or vertical plane. for more on this subject, see the explora article “optical anomalies and lens corrections explained.”

  4. A common geometric lens distortion causing an aquired image to pucker towards the centre and be rounded along the outer edges.

Barrel distortion, английский

Barrel drain, английский
    Any drain which is cylindrical in shape.

Barrel extension, английский

Barrel fitting, английский
    A short length of threaded connecting pipe, as a nipple. barreling, tumbling the application of paint to small articles by tumbling them in a barrel containing paint.

Barrel liner, английский

Barrel nipple, английский
    A barrel fitting threaded at each end. barrel roof, barrel shell roof 1. a roof of semicylindrical section; capable of spanning long distances parallel to the axis of the cylinder. 2.a barrel vault.

Barrel of a capstan, английский
    The cylinder between the whelps and the paul rim, constituting the main-piece.

Barrel of a pump, английский
    The wooden tube which forms the body of the engine.

Barrel of liquid, английский

Barrel of small arms, английский
    The tube through which the bullets are discharged. in artillery the term belongs to the construction of certain guns, and signifies the inner tube, as distinguished from the breech piece, trunnion-piece, and hoops or outer coils, the other essential parts of “built-up guns” (which see).

Barrel of the wheel, английский
    The cylinder round which the tiller-ropes are wound.

Barrel roof, 1. wagon shed, wagon house a structure, separate from a main building such as a church, once used as a temporary shelter for horse-drawn wagons before the use of automobiles; usually had at least one open side so that the wagons could be driv, английский

Barrel roof., английский

Continuous, английский
  1. Непрерывный

  2. Непрерывный; длительный; продолжающийся

  3. A продолженный, дли- тельный, непрерванный form, future, past, present contoid n контоид

Equivalent, английский
  1. Эквивалент; эквивалентный

  2. Эквивалент (согласно так называемой доктрине эквивалентов, объект, по существу выполняющий ту же функцию тем же способом и обеспечивающий одинаковый эффект, считается эквивалентом)

  3. Эквивалент (согласно так называемой доктрине эквивалентов, объект, по существу выполняющий ту же

  4. N эквивалент; ~-lacking безэквивалентный; mono~ моноэквивалент; multi-~ мультиэквивалент | a эквивалентный translation, word absolute ~ абсолютный эквивалент occasional ~ окказиональный эквивалент regular ~ постоянный эквивалент variable ~ переменный эквивалент 1 “thunder”, образованное от “thunor”. 2 крупное литературное произведение эпического жанра; сложная, продолжительная история, включающая рад крупных событий. 3 раздел философии, изучающий основания знания. 4 повтор в конце смежных отрезков текста: “in 1931, ten years ago, japan invaded manchukuo – without warning. in 1935, italy invaded ethiopia – without warning. in 1938, hitler occupied austria – without warning. in 1939, hitler invaded czechoslovakia – without warning. later in 1939, hitler invaded poland – without warning. and now japan has attacked malaya and thailand – and the united states – without warning.” franklin d. roosevelt. 5 добавление этимологически не обусловленных звуков в конце слова.

Final exit door, английский
    The exit door through which entry must later be obtained, and so cannot be bolted. it is usually the front entrance door or final means of exiting.

Sliding grilles, английский
    Steel sliding grille gates in single or double leaf, running on top and bottom guide tracks, locked by padlock or integral lock.