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Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
  1. The plate, fixed on a door, to which the moving parts of a lock or latch are attached.

  2. A plate, usually metal or wood, which serves as a backing for a structural member.

  3. Подложка мишени

Подложка мишени, русский

Тыльника, русский

Structural, английский
  1. Структурный; конструктивный

  2. Said of a load-bearing member, element, etc., of a building.

  3. A структурный analysis, class, description, linguistics, metaphor, order, phonologist, phonology, series, signal, system

Disc tumblers, английский
    The small shaped discs (usually of metal) in the disc tumbler mechanism which are the means of providing different combinations.

Face plate, английский
    The outer of a double forend. a strip of metal fixed to the inner forend, thus forming a double forend.