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Accommodative vergence

Глосссарий терминов и сокращений по оптическим линзам
    A convergence response (to turn the eyes inward) which occurs as a direct result of accommodation (eye focusing). achromatism- the ability of the eye to adjust the focal power to see objects at different distances.

Accommodative monetary policy, английский
    Federal reserve system policy to increase the amount of money available to banks for lending. see: monetary policy.

Accommodative squint, английский
    A squint when the eye is trying to focus on an object which is very close

Vergence, английский
    The ability of the eyes to rotate toward or away from each other to remain focused on an object as it approaches or moves away.

Convergence, английский
  1. Сведение лучей, сходимость. характеристика, определяющая точность выравнивания и перемещения трех цветных лучей (красного, зеленого и синего) в цветном мониторе при выводе изображения на экран

  2. Конвергенция схождение в одном месте пучка стилистических приёмов, участвующих в единой стилистической функции and heaved and heaved, still unrestingly heaved the black sea, as if its vast tides were a conscience. (h. melville - moby-dic

  3. The crossover of the three electron beams of a three-gun tri-color picture tube. this normally occurs at the plane of the aperture mask.

  4. Сходимость; схождение; сужение; конвергенция; затухание (колебаний)

  5. The bending of light rays toward each other, as by a positive (convex) lens.

  6. The ability to use both eyes as a team and to be able to turn the eyes inward to maintain single vision close up.

  7. The simultaneous turning in of the eyes to keep an object in sight as it comes nearer to the eye.

  8. N конвергенция

Accommodation, английский
  1. The eye’s focusing power enabling the eye to see clearly at different distances. this process is achieved by the lens of the eye changing its shape. without the ability to accommodate, the image of an object would blur.

  2. N аккомодация4

  3. Адаптация; приспособление

Achromatism, английский

Acuity, английский
  1. The ability to respond to faint sense impressions or to distinguish light differences between stimuli. adaptation/adaptive process – the maneuvers (conscious or unconscious, automatic or voluntary) by which the individual attempts to make organismic decisions as comfortable and gratifying as possible within the demands of that individual’s environment. add power (addition) – the difference in spherical power between the distance and near corrections found in bifocals, trifocals, and progressive addition lenses to assist the eye’s accommodation at a given distance. this power is needed for near vision. also referred to as add power or seg power.

  2. Keenness of sight, hearing or intellect acupressure 6

  3. N тонкость, острота, резкость (восприятия ) sensory ~ псхл. острота восприятий

Abbe value, английский
    A measure of the degree to which light is dispersed when entering a lens. the average range is 20 to 60. a lower abbe value causes greater dispersion of light resulting in chromatic aberration (color fringing) when viewed through the periphery of the lens. a higher abbe value results in less chromatic aberration.