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Afferent fibers

Глосссарий терминов и сокращений по оптическим линзам
    Nerve fibers which carry impulses from the organs to the nerve centers.

Afferent, английский
    Same as sensory nerve

Afferent branch, английский
    Центростремительная ветвь affiliate programпартнерская программа

Afferent vessel, английский
    A tube which brings lymph to a gland

Afferentti hermosolu, финский

Afferenttihermo, финский

Fib, английский
    Focused ion beam (sputtering)

Fib, английский

Fib, испанский
    Acrónimo de format indicator bit [bit indicador de formato]

Fibble, английский

Fibel, немецкий

Fiber, английский
  1. General term for any long, narrow cell of wood.

  2. Волокно, нить

  3. A single optical transmission element characterized by a core, a cladding, and a coating. two common structures, single-mode (with a step-index profile) or multimode (with a graded-index profile) are used for fiber optic communication systems. different variations are made depending on the attenuation, bandwidth, dispersion, wavelengths, and mechanical requirements

  4. Us same as fibre

  5. Волокно

  6. [1] any substance (such as cotton, flax, or hemp) that can be separated into threads and twisted or braided together (i.e., to make rope). [2] the word has other meanings in anatomy (nerve, muscle, or connective tissue), botany (slender, threadlike root), nutrition (bulk, dietary fiber, roughage), optics (optical fiber), and as a character trait (moral fiber).

Fiber, шведский

Fiber amplifier, английский
  1. Most common are the erbium doped fiber amplifiers (edfas), semiconductor optical amplifiers (soas), and raman amplifiers, which are used to increase signal gain without electrical conversion

  2. An optical fiber doped to amplify light from an external source. the most important type is the erbium-doped fiber amplifier.

Fiber amplifiers, английский
    Optical amplifiers with doped fibers as gain media

Fiber angle, английский
    Угол армирования

Fiber bandwidth, английский
    The lowest frequency at which the magnitude of the fiber transfer function decreases to a specified fraction of the zero frequency value. often, the specified value is one-half the optical power at zero frequency.

Fiber bragg grating (fbg), английский
  1. A piece of photo-refractive fiber that is exposed to highintensity uv interference patterns, causing it to reflect a specific wavelength while being transparent to all other wavelengths. used as a filter in wdm systems

  2. An optical fiber in which the core refractive index varies periodically, causing bragg scatting at wavelengths selected by the period and refractive index. a fiber bragg grating reflects the selected wavelength and transmits others.

Fiber bragg gratings, английский
    Reflective structures in the core of an optical fiber with a periodic or aperiodic perturbation of the effective refractive index

Fiber cables, английский
    Cables containing one or several optical fibers

Fiber channel arbitrated loop, английский

After-image phenomenon, английский
    Ability of the eye to retain sight of an image during eye blinks. the most common example is seeing light after the flash of a camera.

Adjustable nose pads, английский
    Type of bridge that consists of small pads made of plastic or silicone to help prevent slippage and aid in evenly distributing weight of glasses on bridge of the nose.