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Against motion

Глосссарий терминов и сокращений по оптическим линзам
    Objects sighted through convex (plus) lenses move in an opposite (against) direction as the convex lenses are moved from side to side.

Against, английский

Against the box, английский
    Selling short against the box.

Mot, шведский

Mot söder, шведский

Mot sikt, шведский

Mot; parole, французский

Motacilla [ae, f] salicaria, латинский

Motais, английский

Motare, латинский

Motas, испанский
    Acrónimo de member of the appropriate sex [miembro del sexo apropiado] se utiliza mucho en los mensajes entre usuarios de 'internet' para indicar que se trata de una persona del sexo adecuado.

Motate, английский

Motbjudande, шведский

Moteado, испанский

Moteado ., испанский

Motel, английский
    A roadside building or group of buildings which contains hotel and parking accommodations primarily for transient motorists, often with individual exterior entrances to each room.

Motell, шведский

Moteur, французский

Moteur défaillant, французский

Moteur d'inférence, французский

Moth, английский

Air tempering, английский
    The strengthening of a lens as a result of cooling a heated lens.

After-image phenomenon, английский
    Ability of the eye to retain sight of an image during eye blinks. the most common example is seeing light after the flash of a camera.