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Глосссарий терминов и сокращений по оптическим линзам
  1. Eye disorders that prevent a clear image from forming on the retina (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism). amblyopia exanopsia (lazy eye) – uncorrectable blurred vision due to a lack of use; the visual pathway fails to mature; an eye can become amblyopic from being crossed, having a large refractive error or having the brain suppress its vision. corrective lenses, vision therapy, or patching therapy may be prescribed.

  2. A condition in which the eye cannot focus light correctly onto the retina, as in astigmatism, hypermetropia and myopia. compare emmetropia

Astigmatism, английский
  1. The uneven foreground and background blur that is in an image.

  2. A lens aberration that causes off-axis light bundles to focus to an elliptical, rather than circular, spot.

  3. Astigmatismo

  4. A condition where a misshaped cornea causes light to be focused over a range of distances rather than on a point. this can be corrected by a lens with cylinder power in a certain direction.

  5. A condition in which the eye cannot focus vertical and horizontal lines simultaneously, leading to blurring of vision

  6. Астигматизм

Refractive, английский

Corrective, английский
  1. A drug which changes the harmful effect of another drug corrigan’s pulse corrigan’s pulse /k?r?&?nz pls/

  2. Корректирующий

Prescribed, английский
    Заданный; предписанный

Hypermetropia, английский
  1. Refractive error or optical defect of the eye in which parallel rays of light, as from a distant light source, strike the retina before coming to a focus.

  2. A condition in which someone sees more clearly objects which are a long way away, but cannot see objects which are close. also called longsightedness, hyperopia

Emmetropia, английский
  1. Theoretically normal eyesight. refractive condition of the eye in which the rays of light come to a point of focus perfectly on the retina.

  2. The correct focusing of light rays by the eye onto the retina giving normal vision. compare ametropia

Analytical examination, английский
    A 21-point optometric examination. each point is a measurement of performance of a visual behavior pattern. these measurements, made through the application of prism and sphere, show the absorption of the potential of inhibition, measure the existing learned associations between patterns, and probe for the degree or organization existing in the visual pattern.

Albinism, английский
  1. Pigmentation is deficient or absent. may occur in skin, hair, and eyes. ocular albinism is a pigmentation deficiency occurring mainly in the eyes. individuals with albinism including ocular albinism commonly have decreased visual acuity (20/70 – 20/200), strabismus, photophobia, and nystagmus. there is no known treatment. individuals may benefit from low-vision aids. treatment options for strabismus and nystagmus does apply to these individuals.

  2. A condition in which a person lacks the pigment melanin and so has pink skin and eyes and white hair. it is hereditary and cannot be treated.  vitiligo