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Analytical examination

Глосссарий терминов и сокращений по оптическим линзам
    A 21-point optometric examination. each point is a measurement of performance of a visual behavior pattern. these measurements, made through the application of prism and sphere, show the absorption of the potential of inhibition, measure the existing learned associations between patterns, and probe for the degree or organization existing in the visual pattern.

Analytical entry, английский

Analytical error, английский
    Difference between the estimated value of a quantity and its true value. this difference (positive or negative) may be expressed either in the units in which the quantity is measured, or as a percentage of the true value. used here to mean the difference between a patient’s test result produced by the analytical process and the true or correct value for that sample.

Analytical ferrography, английский
    The magnetic precipitation and subsequent analysis of wear debris from a fluid sample this approach involves passing a volume of fluid over a chemically treated microscope slide which is supported over a magnetic field. permanent magnets are arranged in such a way as to create a varying field strength over the length of the substrate. this varying strength causes wear debris to precipitate in a distribution with respect to size and mass over the ferrogram. once rinsed and fixed to the substrate, this debris deposit serves as an excellent media for optical analysis of the composite wear particulates.

Analytical graphics, inc., английский

Analytical ins, английский

Analytical measurement range, amr, английский
    Defined by cap (college of american pathologists) as the range of numeric results a method can produce without any special specimen pre-treatment, such as dilution, that is not part of the usual analytic process. same as reportable range in clia terminology.

Analytical measurement range., английский

Analytical note, английский

Analytical plotter, английский

Analytical procedure, английский

Analytical quality assurance (aqa), английский
    Used with charts of operating specifications (opspecs charts) to indicate the level of assurance for detecting critical sized errors. for example, 90% aqa(se) means there will be at least a 90% chance of detecting the critical systematic error when operating within the allowed limits for imprecision and inaccuracy for the given control rules and total number of control measurements (n).

Analytical quality requirement, английский
    Used here to refer to a quality requirement in the form of an allowable total error (tea). often defined on the basis of proficiency testing criteria for acceptable performance, such as the clia requirements for regulated analytes.

Analytical reliability, английский
    Аналитический метод исследования надеж- метод исследования ности, основанный на использо- надежности вании функциональных соотно-

Analytical run, английский
    Generally defined by clia as an 8 hour to 24 hour interval during which control materials must be analyzed. according to clsi c24, a run is “an interval (i.e., a period of time or series of measurements) within which the accuracy and precision of the measuring system is expected to be stable. in laboratory operations, control samples are analyzed during each analytical run to evaluate method performance, therefore the analytical run defines the interval (period of time or number of specimens) between evaluations of control results. between quality control evaluations, events may occur causing the measurement process to be susceptible to variations that are important to detect.”

Analytical sensitivity, английский
    The ability of an analytical method to detect small quantities of the measured component. numerically characterized by determination of detection limit.

Analytical specificity, английский
    The ability of an analytical method to measure only the sought-for analyte or measurand. numerically characterized by determination of interferences and non-specific responses to other analytes or materials.

Analytical summary, английский
    Аналитический обзор

Analytical surveys, inc., английский

Examinatio, латинский

Examinatio [onis, f], латинский

Examination, английский
  1. Обследование

  2. Экспертиза; проверка; рассмотрение (оценка патентоспособности заявки на патент, производимая патентным ведомством)

  3. 1. an act of looking at someone or something carefully  from the examination of the x-ray photographs, it seems that the tumour has not spread. 2. the act of looking at someone to find out what is wrong with him or her  the surgeon carried out a medical examination before operating. 3. a written or oral test to see if a student is progressing satisfactorily (note: in this sense, often abbreviated to exam.)

  4. An examination of a dead body by a pathologist to find out the cause of death  the post mortem showed that he had been poisoned. abbr pm. also called autopsy

  5. A searching by, or cognizance of, a magistrate, or other authorized officer. now strict in navy and army.

Measurement, английский
  1. Set of operations having the object of determining a value of a quantity (1)

  2. Измерение. система мер.

  3. Измерение; замер

  4. The size, length, etc. of something which has been measured

  5. Измерение

  6. Обмер

Performance, английский
  1. Показатель деятельности. степень эффективности деятельности. производительность.

  2. (технические или летные) характеристики

  3. A way in which something works  the doctors are not satisfied with the performance of the transplanted heart.

  4. N 1 действие; актив- ность; 2 употребление (н. хомский, см. тж. competence 2) linguistic ~ употребление языка, языковая активность (н. хомский, см. тж. linguistic competence) 1 стихотворный размер. 2 обозначающий действие, уже законченное по отношению к данному. performative a перформативный | n тра пер- форматив3 verb

  5. Эксплуатационные качества, ходовые качества

Application, английский
  1. Оределенный метод передачи данных или протокол, обеспечивающий взаимодействие терминалов в сети.

  2. Приложение. прикладная программа или команда.

  3. Применение, использование; подача (напряжения); приложение (усилия); введение в действие; отклонение (рулей)

  4. Заявка (комплект официальных документов, представляемый заявителем в патентное ведомство для получения охранного документа: патента, регистрации товарного знака или промышленного образца) 10

  5. Заявка (комплект официальных документов, представляемый заявителем в патентное ведомство для получения охранного документа: патента, свидетельства о регистрации товарного знака или промышленного образца)

  6. The use of a technology to achieve a specific objective.

  7. Заявление

  8. 1. the process of putting a medication or bandage on a body part  two applications of the lotion should be made each day. 2. the process of asking officially for something, usually in writing  if you are applying for the job, you must fill in an application form.

  9. A word of extensive use, for the principles of adjusting, augmenting, and perfecting the relations between sciences.

Absorption, немецкий

Inhibition, английский
    1. the action of blocking or preventing something happening, especially of preventing a muscle or organ from functioning properly 2. (in psychology) the suppression of a thought which is associated with a sense of guilt 3. (in psychology) the blocking of a spontaneous action by some mental influence

Organization, английский
  1. Организация

  2. N организация lexical ~ лексическая организация orientational a ориентационный metaphor

Aniseikonia, английский
    The image of an object as seen by one eye is different in size and shape from the other one.

Ametropia, английский
  1. Eye disorders that prevent a clear image from forming on the retina (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism). amblyopia exanopsia (lazy eye) – uncorrectable blurred vision due to a lack of use; the visual pathway fails to mature; an eye can become amblyopic from being crossed, having a large refractive error or having the brain suppress its vision. corrective lenses, vision therapy, or patching therapy may be prescribed.

  2. A condition in which the eye cannot focus light correctly onto the retina, as in astigmatism, hypermetropia and myopia. compare emmetropia