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Ar stack

Глосссарий терминов и сокращений по оптическим линзам
    Combined layers making up an ar coating (usually five or more). composition of layers can vary between ar coaters.

Stack, английский
  1. Cheminée / cuve (du hf)

  2. A number or racks positioned one above the other and separated by bearers or gluts.

  3. The rack of balls

Stack, английский

Stack, английский

Stack, английский

Stack, английский

Stack, английский

Stack, шведский

Stack, русский
    Пирамида шаров

Stack (trusses), английский
    To position trusses on the walls in their correct location.

Stack bond., английский

Stack cap, английский

Stack car, английский
    An articulated five-platform rail car that allows containers to be double stacked. a typical stack car holds ten 40-foot equivalent units (feu`s).

Stack connector, английский
    Муфта блока превенторов

Stack effect, английский

Stack filter, английский
    Параллельно-пакетный фильтр

Stack filter appended signal, английский
    Сигнал, порождаемый па- раллельно-пакетным фильтром см. sf, sfr

Stack filter root, английский
    Корневые сигналы парал- лельно-пакетного фильтра

Stack gas, английский
    Дымовой газ

Stack gas emission, английский
    Выброс газов через дымовую трубу

Stack losses, английский
    Теплопотери в дымовую трубу, теплопотери с дымовыми газами

Stack partition, английский
    Any partition which carries a stack internally. stack vent 1. the extension (to the open air) of a soil or waste stack above the highest horizontal branch drain or fixture branch connected to the stack. also called a soil vent or waste vent. 2. in built-up roofing systems, a vertical outlet permitting water vapor, which is entrapped within the insulation, to escape. between a wooden frame, as a window or door frame, and the masonry in which it is set.

Composition, английский
  1. Состав

  2. A photographic process in which patterns on two separate substrates are

  3. The arrangement of subject matter, graphic elements, tones, and light in a scene. can be harmonious or discordant, depending on the photographer, his or her mood, and the subject at hand. there are no set rules, just suggestions; successful compositions are ones that best express particular feelings about the subject or scene.

  4. N словосложение; образование (ант. decomposition) polysynthetic ~ полисинтетическое объедине- ние

Asepsis, английский
  1. Free from, absence of infection or infectious material.

  2. The absence of microorganisms which cause infection, usually achieved by sterilisation

Aqueous humor, английский
    A clear watery liquid in the chamber of the eye that flows between the cornea and the crystalline lens and nourishes both; secreted by the ciliary processes.