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Axis cylinder

Глосссарий терминов и сокращений по оптическим линзам
    That principal meridian which contains only the spherical power component of a sphero-cylinder lens. axis will intersect a spherical lens of minus power at its thinnest point and a spherical plus lens at its thickest point. axis optical - (x) – an imaginary line at right angles to the surface of a lens, which passes through the optical center. the meridian of least power 90? away from the meridian of greatest power in a cylindrical lens; used in correcting astigmatism.

Axial, шведский

Axial, английский

Axial blower, английский

Axial clearance, английский

Axial compensator, английский

Axial compressor, английский
  1. Soufflante axiale

  2. Осевой компрессор ас1 [2] бр, кан aircraftman first [second] class рядовой авиации 1 [2] класса а/1 [2, 3] с airman first [second, third] class рядовой ввс 1 [2, 3] класса аса advanced combat aircraft перспективный боевой ла аса бр advisory committee for

Axial compressor, английский

Axial drum force component, английский

Axial fan, английский

Axial fire, английский
    Fire oriented towards the ends of the ship; the opposite of broadside fire. in the age of sail this was known as `raking` fire.

Axial flow, английский
  1. Осевое течение; осевой% (о компрессоре)

  2. Осевое течение; осевой (о компрессоре)

Axial flow compressor, английский

Axial flow fan (ventilator), английский

Axial flow pump, английский

Axial force, английский

Axial force diagram, английский
    In statics, a graphical representation of the axial load acting at each section of a structural member, plotted to scale and with proper sign as an ordinate at each point of the member and along a reference line representing the length of the member. axial load, axial force the resultant longitudinal internal component of force which acts perpendicular to the cross section of a structural member and at its centroid, producing uniform stress.

Axial load, английский

Axial load., английский

Axial movement, английский
    Перемещение по оси

Axial or axis lighting, английский
    Illumination from the lens axis using light reflected from a partially mirrored glass angled 45 degrees in front of the lens. used primarily for medical and scientific recording where access or shadows are a problem. also see: ring flash.

Axial propagation constant, английский
    For an optical fiber, the propagation constant evaluated along the axis of a fiber in the direction of transmission.

Cylindrical, английский

Astigmatism, английский
  1. The uneven foreground and background blur that is in an image.

  2. A lens aberration that causes off-axis light bundles to focus to an elliptical, rather than circular, spot.

  3. Astigmatismo

  4. A condition where a misshaped cornea causes light to be focused over a range of distances rather than on a point. this can be corrected by a lens with cylinder power in a certain direction.

  5. A condition in which the eye cannot focus vertical and horizontal lines simultaneously, leading to blurring of vision

  6. Астигматизм

Axis indicator of lensometer, английский
    A device in which a scale from 0? to 180? can be aligned to give the axis of cylinder power on a spectacle lens. b “b” box measurement – in lens measurement, the longest vertical distance from the uppermost point to the lowermost point of a shape.

Axis aligner plier, английский
    Any device used for aligning a cylinder axis of a spectacle lens at its proper angle.