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Balance lens

Глосссарий терминов и сокращений по оптическим линзам
    A lens placed in a frame which looks like the lens for the opposite eye to balance cosmetics; similar in thickness and style with no specific rx power.

Balance, английский
  1. One of the most desired traits in a wine is good balance, where the concentration of fruit, level of tannins, and acidity are in total harmony. balanced wines are symmetrical and tend to age gracefully.

  2. The equal distribution of the mass of the tire and wheel assembly for smooth driving. balance is achieved by fitting weights to the wheel rim to offset uneven weight distribution of the tire or wheel.

  3. Баланс (собственных стредств), в метатрейдере понятие balance используется для показания баланса торгового счета без учета открытых позиций. т.е. это начальное показание баланса перед открытием торговых позиций или текущий баланс, если открытых позиций не

  4. Баланс, равновесие; весы

  5. Баланс, равновесие

  6. Бухгалтерский баланс, остаток; сальдо; статистический баланс, см. sheet

  7. 1. the act of staying upright, not falling  he stood on top of the fence and kept his balance he did not fall off 2. the proportions of substances in a mixture, e.g. in the diet  to maintain a healthy balance of vitamins in the diet

  8. Balance

  9. Сальдо, результат, остаток

  10. Топенант (снасть)

  11. Центровка, баланс

  12. One of the simple mechanical powers, used in determining the weights and masses of different bodies. also, one of the twelve signs of the zodiac, called libra. balance-wheel of a chronometer— see chronometer.

  13. [1] a submarine using a density layer to hover with no way on is “balanced.” [2] a sailing vessel which remains on course with little or no assistance from the helm is “in balance.”

Balance, английский

Balance, английский

Balance, испанский

Balance (sheet) of the economy, английский
    Баланс народного хозяйства (в~ статистике социалистических стран), система материального производства (смп; в документах статистических органов оон)

Balance / heat balance, английский
    Bilan / bilan thermique

Balance / heat balance, английский

Balance an account equivalent: clear an account., английский
    Оплатить (закрыть) счет

Balance arm, английский
    On a projected window, a side supporting arm which is constructed so that the center of gravity of the sash is not changed appreciably when opened. balance beam, balance bar a long beam, attached to a gate (or drawbridge, etc.) so as to counterbalance the weight of the gate during opening or closing.

Balance beam, английский

Balance between benefit and cost, английский
    Соотношение затрат и выгод

Balance brought forward equivalent: opening balance., английский
    Начальное сальдо, сальдо на начало периода

Balance card, английский

Balance carried forward equivalent: closing balance., английский
    Конечное сальдо, сальдо на конец периода

Balance column, английский
    Итоговая колонка; колонка суммы; столбец суммы

Balance control, английский
    Контроль сальдо

Balance due, английский
    Дебитовое сальдо

Balance nut adjustment forks, английский

Balance of a node in a binary tree, английский
    Баланс узла в двоичном дереве

Balance of accounts and interests, английский
    Сальдирование остатка и процентов

Barium glass, английский
    Commonly used for a type of crown glass, one of the ingredients is barium oxide added for the purpose of increasing refractive index, while maintaining relatively low dispersion. barrel - (bbl) – (1) the component of a hinge that interlocks with the mating component of the hinge set, (2) a threaded closure device attached to a metal eyewire.

Axis indicator of lensometer, английский
    A device in which a scale from 0? to 180? can be aligned to give the axis of cylinder power on a spectacle lens. b “b” box measurement – in lens measurement, the longest vertical distance from the uppermost point to the lowermost point of a shape.