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Baume gauge

Глосссарий терминов и сокращений по оптическим линзам
    Used to check the specific gravity of a polishing solution.

Baume, английский
    An arbitrary numerical scale for indicating the relative density of liquids, utilizing a baum6 hydrometer. each unit is called a baume degree, abbreviated as ° b. see baum4 gravity, baum^ hydrometer.

Baume degree, английский
    Baume, baum6 gravity, baum6 hydrometer

Baume gravity, английский
    An arbitrary scale for measuring the density of liquids. the scale gives the baume gravity of water at 60° f. as 60 baum? degrees when the actual specific gravity of water is 1.0. see baum<5 hydrometer, hydrometer.

Baume hydrometer, английский
    An instrument used for measuring the baume density of a fluid. this is in the form of a straight glass tube, which is floated in the fluid in question, the level of the fluid coming in line with the graduation of the scale marked on the neck of the hydrometer. the heavier or denser the fluid the less distance the hydrometer sinks and the lower the reading, and vice versa. the density of pure water is recorded as being 10 baum6 degrees.

Gauge, английский
  1. Calibre

  2. The thickness of stainless steel and is commonly used in reference to quality grades on certain types of lavatories and sinks. 10 and 20-gauge stainless steel sinks go through a number of polishing and buffing operations to ensure a beautiful finish.

  3. (измерительный) прибор; датчик; калибр

  4. (измерительный) `прибор; датчик; толщина; калибр; измерять; калибровать, градуировать

  5. A measuring instrument or device calibrated to a previously established standard, or system of units.

  6. Измерительный прибор, датчик, например,

  7. Плотность вязания (также density); мерка для спиц и крючков

  8. See gage.

  9. An instrument for measuring shot, wads, &c. for round shot there are two kinds, viz. the high gauge, a cylinder through which the shot must pass; and the low gauge, a ring through which it must not pass.

  10. The position of one vessel relative to the gallivat 132 position of another vessel and the wind. in sailing ship combat, the downwind vessel has the “lee gauge,” which favors disengagement (if wanted) and heels the vessel so that gunfire tends to break masts and cut rigging. the upwind vessel has the “weather gauge” which favors offensive action and allows broadsides to be aimed at the enemy hull.

Gauge, английский

Gauge, английский

Gauge, английский

Gauge (track), английский
    The distance between the inside running (or gauge) faces of the two rails, measured between points 16 mm below the top of the rail heads.

Gauge board, английский
    Приборная доска

Gauge box, английский

Gauge chamber and cover, английский

Gauge connection (instruments), английский

Gauge control, английский
    Измерительный управляющий элемент; экранный индикатор

Gauge conversion, английский
    The process of changing the track gauge from one gauge to another, e.g. broad to standard gauge.

Gauge face, английский
    The running edge of a running rail.

Gauge face angle, английский
    The angle between a line perpendicular to the sleeper plane (ie. the plane of the track) and the line tangent to the rail gauge face where wheel flange contact occurs.

Gauge for guttapercha points, английский

Gauge for silver points, английский

Gauge glass, английский
    A device which indicates the level of a liquid in a tank, vessel, or the like.

Bevel edger, английский
    A machine by which an uncut lens is given a bevel on its edge by a special lens grinding wheel. bi-centric grinding (slab off) – the process of grinding base up prism to correct vertical imbalance.

Basic formula, английский
    The subjective; it is the lens power that alters the light rays entering an eye and causes a change in the focusing mechanism in the greatest degree without causing a subjectively detected alteration in the convergence mechanism.