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Глосссарий терминов и сокращений по оптическим линзам
    Type of lens aberration that is induced during the manufacturing process which results in chromatic aberration. a rainbow-like effect (sometimes called newton rings).

Aberration, английский
  1. A term from optics that refers to anything affecting the fidelity of the image in regards

  2. A term from optics that refers to anything affecting the fidelity of the image in regards to the original scene.

  3. A distortion of image quality or color rendition in a photographic image caused by optical limitations of the lens used for image capture. aberrations commonly show up in the form of halation around high-contrast portions of the image, or “smearing” of color toward the edges of the frame. aspheric lens surfaces and advanced lens coatings are often used in more expensive or complex lenses as a means of reducing aberrations. for more on this subject, see the explora article, “optical anomalies and lens corrections explained.”

  4. Any flaw introduced during the manufacturing or grinding of a spectacle lens that can result in image blur. it may be inherent in the lens design or may result from an error in processing.

  5. An action or growth which is not usual or expected

Manufacturing, английский
  1. Изготовление 24 зак. 262

  2. Производство

Bitoric lens, английский
    A lens, both surfaces of which are ground and polished, in toric or cylindrical form. blank, molded – a lens blank that is unfinished on both sides when it arrives from the lens factory. blank, semi-finished – a lens blank that is ground and polished on one side to make a prescription.

Bi-ocularity, английский
    Using both eyes, but not together as a team.