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Bitoric lens

Глосссарий терминов и сокращений по оптическим линзам
    A lens, both surfaces of which are ground and polished, in toric or cylindrical form. blank, molded – a lens blank that is unfinished on both sides when it arrives from the lens factory. blank, semi-finished – a lens blank that is ground and polished on one side to make a prescription.

Len, русский

Len, испанский
    Acrónimo de low entry network [red de entrada baja] equivale a 'appn'. advertencia no se puede utilizar este acrónimo por restricciones de 'copyright'; hay que utilizar la denominación completa.

Len, шведский

Len, slat, шведский

Lena, английский

Lena [ae, f], латинский

Lenad, английский

Lenard, английский

Lenau, английский

Lenbach, английский

Lend, английский

Lend (lent, lent), английский

Lender, английский

Lender liability, английский

Lender of last resort, английский

Lending, английский
    Предоставление кредита контрагенту в иностранной ва¬люте на определенный период времени и под определенный процент на денежном рынке.

Lending at a rate, английский

Lending at the premium, английский

Lending funds, английский
    Кредитные фонды

Lending methodology equivalent: method of lending., английский
    Кредитная методология, методология кредитования

Cylindrical, английский

Prescription, английский
  1. Prescripción

  2. Рецепт

  3. The formula for the lenses required by a patient to compensate for a refractive error. prescriptions are written in units called diopters. usually written as rx.

  4. An order written by a doctor to a pharmacist asking for a drug to be prepared and given or sold to a person

Bleach, английский
    A process to remove the tint from a dyed lens.

Birefrigence, английский
    Type of lens aberration that is induced during the manufacturing process which results in chromatic aberration. a rainbow-like effect (sometimes called newton rings).