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Professional Translation in the Field of Electrical Engineering and Microelectronics

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Глосссарий терминов и сокращений по оптическим линзам
  1. A condition that describes an inflammation of the eyelid margins characterized by a sticky crust that forms on the eyelids.

  2. Inflammation of the eyelid

Inflammation, английский
  1. Inflamación

  2. The fact of having become sore, red and swollen as a reaction to an infection, an irritation or a blow  she has an inflammation of the bladder or a bladder inflammation.  the body’s reaction to infection took the form of an inflammation of the eyelid.

  3. Воспаление патологическая реакция тканей организма, характеризуется припухлостью, краснотой, жаром и болью.

Blinding glare, английский
    Reflected glare caused by light reflected off smooth, shiny surfaces blocking vision.

Blended myo-disc, английский
    Lenses have a full field curved or plano front surface with a high minus bowl-shaped surface on the ocular side surrounded by a plano surface called a carrier.