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Foam core

Глоссарий терминов в торговле
  1. Lightweight material with a styrofoam center used for signs, decorating, and exhibit construction.

  2. The rigid foam material that is used in sandwich panel construction. fly rafter

  3. Вспененный заполнитель

Вспененный заполнитель, русский

Core, английский
  1. Remaining wood after a veneer peeling operation is completed.

  2. Any portion of a cable over which some other cable component, such as a shield, jacket, sheath or armor, is applied.

  3. Центральная часть оптического волокна, изготовленная из стекла. коэффициент преломления сердцевины меньше, чем у оболочки

  4. The internal duct and filter media support.

  5. Coherent-on-receive

  6. Common operational research equipment

  7. The central part of an optical fiber that carries light. the light-conducting portion of a fiber, defined by its higher refraction index. the core is the center of a fiber, surrounded by concentric cladding of lower refractive index.

  8. (1) a central strand around which other wires are wound in a core temple, (2) wire reinforcement imbedded in plastic temples (core wire).

  9. N сердцевина, ядро vocabulary

  10. Сердцевина; ядро (клетки, фага) или коровый, сердцевинный (антиген); 16 элемент структуры вируса или клетки.

  11. Сердцевина; ядро (клетки, фага) или коровый, сердцевинный (антиген);

  12. Заполнитель

Core, английский
    A mold component which forms the internal surface of the closure. the core also includes the threads.

Core, английский

Core (1), английский

Core (2), английский

Core area, английский
    Of a grille for an air diffuser, the total area within the outer edges of the outer opening through which air can pass.

Core array, английский
    Ферритовая матрица

Core balance current transformer, английский

Core barrel, английский
    The hollow cutting tool of a core drill; consists of a section of pipe which has a carbide insert or diamond cutting edge. coreboard, brit. battenboard a wood-base panel used in plywood or laminated core constructions; the core, 1, to which faces are glued.

Core boring, английский
    In the ground at a construction site, a core obtained with a rotating tool; used to determine the nature and/or thickness of the underlying rock.

Core box router bits, английский
    Core box bits are used to cut half-round grooves for fluted moldings, columns, millwork, and signs. when used with an edge guide, this bit will also cuts coves.

Core bracing, английский
    The vertical elements of a lateral support system around the core, 10 of a building having permanent interior walls.

Core buffer, английский

Core cadastral domain model, английский

Core center; cladding center, английский

Core coil, английский
    Обмотка сердечника

Core community teams, английский

Core competence, английский
    Основная компетенция

Core competencies, английский

Core components, английский

Core concentricity, английский
    A measure of the relationship between the geometric center of the core of an optical fiber and the geometric center of the cladding, or how centered the core is

Lightweight, английский
    Легкий; малого веса

Decorating, английский
    Dressing up exhibition with carpet, draping, plants, etc.

Construction, французский

Заполнитель, русский

Side rail, английский
  1. Low divider wall in exhibit area, usually 36” high.

  2. A rail at the side of a bed which can be lifted to prevent the person falling out

Illuminations, английский
    Lighting available in hall, built into exhibit, or available on a rental basis.