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The Top Words of 2016
    The withdrawal of the united kingdom from the european union

Withdrawal, английский
  1. Suffering from missing somone you dearly love and comparing it to withdrawal from an addiction. example i was gone for month without my girl, so i was getting some major withdrawal.

  2. 1. a loss of interest in having contact with other people, which leads to a person becoming isolated 2. a period during which a person who has been addicted to a drug stops taking it and experiences unpleasant symptoms ‘…she was in the early stages of physical withdrawal from heroin and showed classic symptoms: sweating, fever, sleeplessness and anxiety’ [nursing times]

  3. Retirada, abandono

  4. Отказ участника от соревнований

Dude food, английский
    Junk food such as hot dogs, burgers, etc considered particularly appealing to men