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Avalanche photodiode

Глоссарий сокращений в телевидении и видеонаблюдении

    Apd, английский
    1. Accelerated plasma deposition

    2. Advanced program development

    3. Aiming point determination

    4. Air procurement district

    5. Air-to-pneumatic distributor

    6. Angular position digitizer

    7. Apollo project directive

    8. Automated plat design (connext, inc.)

    9. Avalanche photodiode

    10. Former hull classification symbol of 32 destroyers converted for amphibious raiding operations during world war ii.

    11. Activity predictor display

    Avalanche, английский
    1. A large mass of material falling or sliding rapidly due to the force of gravity. in many cases, water acts as a catalyst and/or lubricant. avalanches often are classified by what is moving, such as a snow, ice, soil, or rock avalanche. a mixture of these materials is commonly called a debris flow.

    2. A large mass of snow, ice, soil, or rock, or mixtures of these materials, falling, sliding, or flowing very rapidly under the force of gravity. velocities may sometimes exceed 500 km/hr. gg

    3. Разг. неожиданное для политического руководства массовое голосование в поддержку кандидата данной партии в ходе выборов

    Avalanche (une), французский

    Avalanche action, английский
      Лавинное действие; лавинный процесс

    Avalanche chute, английский
      [preferred term] the central, channel-like corridor, scar, or depression along which an avalanche has moved. an eroded surface marked by pits, scratches, and grooves. gg

    Avalanche current, английский
      Лавинный ток

    Avalanche dike, английский

    Avalanche field, английский
      Лавинное поле

    Avalanche multiplication of charge carriers (in a semiconductor), английский

    Avalanche photodiod, английский
      Лавинный фотодиод

    Avalanche photodiod;, русский

    Avalanche photodiode (apd), английский
      A semiconductor photodetector with integral detection and amplification stages. electrons generated at a p/n junction are accelerated in a region where they free an avalanche of other electrons. apds can detect faint signals but require higher voltages than other semiconductor electronics.

    Avalanche photodiodes, английский
      Photodiodes with internal signal amplification through an avalanche process

    Avalanche phototransistor, английский

    Avalanche protector, английский
      A barrier that prevents loose material from sliding into the tracks or wheels of any type of excavation or digging machine. avant-corps that part of a building which projects prominently from the main mass, e.g., a pavilion. ave on drawings, abbr. for “avenue.”

    Avalanche rated, английский
      С нормированными лавинными параметрами

    Avalanche shock front i., английский
      Лавинный запуск переднего фронта импульса

    Avalanche track, английский
      (not recommended as a landform term - use avalanche chute). the path formed by an avalanche. it may take the form of an open path in a forest, with bent and broken trees, or an eroded surface marked by pits, scratches, and grooves. compare - avalanche chute gg

    Avalanche transistor, английский

    Avalanche transit-time, английский
      Время [продолжительность-] лавинного процесса аттс air traffic control committee комитет службы увд аттс american towing tank conference американская конференция по гидроканалам аттс aviation technical training center центр авиационной технической подготовки

    Photodiode, английский
    1. A type of semiconductor device in which a pn junction diode acts as a photo sensor.

    2. A semiconductor that converts light into an electrical signal, used in fiber optic receivers

    3. Фотодиод

    Avalanche phototransistor, английский

    Automatic measuring equipment, английский