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15 января, 2020

Landing Page Translation

25 декабря, 2019

Where to find texts in English, German, Spanish, Chinese with translation into Russian?

28 ноября, 2019

Translate Your Site into Chinese

12 ноября, 2019

Proofreading and reconciliation check after text layout (Desktop Publishing)

24 апреля, 2019

Outsourcing in translation business

11 марта, 2019

Nanaj language recource has been appeared in Internet

10 марта, 2019

Bulgarian will be studied in the USA s schools

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Глоссарий сокращений в телевидении и видеонаблюдении

    Dms, английский
    1. Data multiplexing system

    2. Defense marketing services

    3. Differential maneuvering simulator

    4. Directorate of missile safety

    5. Data management system; desktop mapping system (r-wel, inc.); drawing management system; defense mapping school (usdma); defense message system (usdod); distribution management system; degrees, minutes, seconds

    6. Display mode switch

    Display storage tube, английский

    Discharge-time lag, английский