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Electroluminescent diode

Глоссарий сокращений в телевидении и видеонаблюдении

    Eld, английский
    1. Edge-lighted display

    2. Electroluminescent diode

    3. Extra load device (ahm)++/ hide extra load devices 1-3 alpha numeric to indicate the loading position followed by an oblique and 1-4 numeric to indicate the weight. example: .eld/22l/425

    Diode, английский
    1. Диод

    2. An electronic device used to permit current flow in one direction and to inhibit current flow in the other.

    3. An electronic device that lets current flow in only one direction. semiconductor diodes used in fiber optics contain a junction between regions of different doping. they include light emitters (leds and laser diodes) and detectors (photodiodes).

    4. An electronic device that allows current to flow in one direction only. see also blocking diode and bypass diode.

    5. A semi-conductor device that allows current to flow in one direction, while blocking it in the other. also see light emitting diode.

    6. An electronic device that allows current to flow in one direction only. see blocking

    Diode alternating current switch, английский

    Diode array, английский
      Диодная матрица

    Diode bars, английский
      A type of semiconductor laser containing a one-dimensional array of broad-area emitters

    Diode emitter coupled logic, английский
      Логическая схема с диодно-эмиттер- ными связями

    Diode failure relay, английский

    Diode laser, английский
    1. A laser that emits coherent light through the injection of electric current into a semiconductor diode. diode

    2. A semiconductor diode that generates laser light. a current flowing through the diode causes electrons and holes to recombine at the junction layer between p- and n-doped regions, producing excited states that can release energy in the form of light.

    Diode lasers, английский
      Semiconductor lasers based on laser diodes

    Diode limiter, английский
      Диодный ограничитель

    Diode logic, английский
      Диодная логика; диодные логические схемы

    Diode matrix, английский
      Диодная матрица diode modulatorдиодный модулятор diode-transistor logic диодно-транзисторные логические схемы; диодно-транзисторная логика

    Diode sputtering system, английский
      Диодный распылитель

    Diode stacks, английский
      Arrangements of multiple diode bars, delivering very high output power

    Diode target array, английский
      Диодная мишень

    Diode transistor logic, английский

    Diode-pumped lasers, английский
      Solid-state lasers which are pumped with laser diodes

    Diode-transistor logic, английский
      Диодно- транзисторная логическая схема

    Electroluminescent, английский

    Electroluminescent display, английский

    Electroluminescent lamp, английский
      A lamp in the form of a thin sheet, either rigid or flexible, which generates light by electroluminescence; characterized by low luminance and efficacy.

    Electron loss spectroscopy, английский

    Electroless direct band, английский