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    Electron-beam induced conductivity

Electron-beam induced conductivity, английский

Проводимость, наведенная электронным лучом, русский

Conductivity, английский
  1. Conductivité

  2. The rate at which heat is transmitted through a material.

  3. A term used in describing the capability of a material to carry an electrical charge. usually expressed as a percentage of copper conductivity copper being one hundred (100%) percent. conductivity is expressed for a standard configuration of conductor.

  4. Проводимость

  5. Удельная электропроводность; удельная электрическая проводимость

  6. Parameter used for characterising hydrogeological conditions, more

  7. This is the inverse of resistance, and refers to the ability of a conductor to carry current.

Electron-beam induced conductivity, английский

Electron-beam gun, английский