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Double spend

Глоссарий по криптовалютам и блокчейну
  1. Double spend refers to a scenario, in the bitcoin network, where someone tries to send a bitcoin transaction to two different recipients at the same time. however, once a bitcoin transaction is confirmed, it makes it nearly impossible to double spend it. the more confirmations that a particular transaction has, the harder it becomes to double spend the bitcoins.

  2. A deliberate fork, where a user with a large amount of mining power sends a transaction to purchase some product, then after receiving the product creates another transaction sending the same coins to themselves. the attacker then creates a block, at the same level as the block containing the original transaction but containing the second transaction instead, and starts mining on the fork. if the attacker has more than 50% of all mining power, the double spend is guaranteed to succeed eventually at any block depth. below 50%, there is some probability of success, but it is usually only substantial at a depth up to about 2-5; for this reason, most cryptocurrency exchanges, gambling sites and financial services wait until six blocks have been produced ("six confirmations") before accepting a payment.

Double, английский
  1. Snooker or british term for a kick or bank shot

  2. Двойной; дублированный

  3. Двойной

  4. Flemish bond a brickwork pattern

  5. L stair a platform stair with two intermediate landings, one near the top and one near the bottom, with a 90° change of direction at each landing. double-margin door a door having the appearance of a double door.

  6. Roman tile a roman tile having an additional roll up the center of the tile that matches (and is parallel to) the roll at its edges.

  7. A удвоенный (син. geminate) consonant, primary

  8. [1] to attack an enemy vessel from both sides simultaneously. [2] to sail around a headland, cape, or peninsula. [3] to overlap two sections of a mast or spar. [4] to cover a ship’s hull with extra planking when the original has loosened. [5] when dog 100 preceded by “on the” or “at the” a command to move at a running pace.

Double, английский

Double (triple) concave hull shape, английский
    Двояко (трояко) вогнутая форма корпуса

Double acting, английский
    Двойного действия

Double addition, английский
    Сложение с двойной точностью

Double address, английский
    Двойная адресация double-address instruction двухадресная команда double-bit error ошибка в двух разрядах; двухбитовая ошибка

Double amplitude, английский
    Двойная амплитуда

Double angle, английский
    Two l-shaped metal structural members which are fastened together, back to back.

Double architrave, английский
    An architrave, 1 having two decorative bands around an opening (such as a door or window in a wall of a building); usually the bands are in different planes, separated by an ornamental molding.

Double arcing, английский

Double ax, английский
    An ax having a two-edged blade.

Double back, английский

Double backer, английский

Double bagger, английский

Double barline, английский

Double bead, английский
    Two beads, side by side; there is no other surface or molding between them. double-bellied descriptive of a baluster whose profile is the same at both its upper and lower ends. double-bellied baluster a baluster whose upper half has the same profile as the lower half. double-bend fitting in plumbing, an sshaped pipe fitting. double-beveled edge the edge of a door (along the lock stile) which is beveled from the center of the edge toward each door face. double-break switch in electric wiring, a switch which opens a conductor at two points.

Double bead router bits, английский
    These bits create two bead shaped contours in the wood piece. often used on the edges of shelving or narrow molding strips.

Double belly buster, английский

Double benching, английский

Double bitted key, английский
    One with a bit on each side of the shank. double-handed lock 1. a lock designed for use either as a right or left hand installation without alteration, generally by turning upside down. the keyhole has a circular formation at each end of the slot to accept the shank of the key. 2. a cupboard lock, the bolt of which can be shot either way to protrude from either side of the case.

Double blind (db) study, английский
    Двойное слепое исследование. исследование, в котором ни пациент, ни исследователь не знают о том лечении, которое получает пациент.

Transaction, английский
  1. Любое событие в результате которого происходит изменение финансовой позиции организации в ходе её обычной работы. примером транзакции является осуществление покупки с помощью кредитной карты.

  2. (транзакция) соглашение между покупателем и продавцом, для продажи актива;

  3. Операция открытия/закрытия позиции.

  4. Экономическая операция (в снс; элементарный акт хозяйственной деятельности, совершаемый между хозяйственными единицами: производство, капиталовложения, потребление и др.; операции могут быть односторонними и двусторонними, капитальными и текущими, товарными и нетоварными, фактическими и условными, расчетными)

  5. A transaction is a digitally signed message authorizing some particular action associated with the blockchain. in a currency, the dominant transaction type is sending currency units or tokens to someone else; in other systems actions like registering domain names, making and fulfilling trade offers and entering into contracts are also valid transaction types.

Impossible, английский
  1. A hateful word, generally supplanted among good seamen by “we`ll try.” a thing which is impossible in law, is pronounced to be all one with a thing impossible in nature.

  2. Admiral smyth calls this “a hateful word, generally supplanted among good seamen by ‘we’ll try.’” see difficulty.

Particular, английский
    A частный; конкретный grammar partitioned a разделённый на части sequence 1 одна из базовых операций компьютерной обработки текстов; в каче- стве данных берутся текст либо сегмент текста, грамматика и цель разбора, а на выходе получается удовлетворяющее цели множество значений категориальной отнесённости сегментов в виде, например, дерева разбора. 2 применяется запоминание также и гипотез, выдвигаемых при разбо- ре, и результатов их проверки – м. кэй. 3 используется, в частности, для разбора арифметических выражений. partitioning n членение sentence ~ членение предложений (напр., при переводе )

Deliberate, английский

Themselves, английский

Containing, английский

Guaranteed, английский

Genesis block, английский
  1. The very first block in a block chain.

  2. The very first block in the block chain

Distributed ledger, английский
    Distributed ledgers are a type of database that are spread across multiple sites, countries or institutions. records are stored one after the other in a continuous ledger. distributed ledger data can be either "permissioned" or "unpermissioned" to control who can view it.