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On-ledger currency

Глоссарий по криптовалютам и блокчейну
    A currency minted on-ledger and used on-ledger. an example of this would be the cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

Currency, английский
  1. (валюта) любая форма денег, которые находятся в обращении;

  2. Средства обращения; валюта; деньги (в англии в применении к банковским билетам и наличным деньгам; в сша также и к банковским деньгам)

  3. A medium of exchange of value to define by reference to the geographical location of the authorities responsible for it. in a coded format, a currency is represented by a three-character iso and cefact code

Currency, английский

Currency adjustment factor. a fee applied to the shipping costs to compensate for exchange rate fluctuations., английский

Currency conversion, английский
  1. Конверсия (обращение, обмен) одной валюты в другую;

  2. Конверсия (обращение, обмен) одной валюты в другую.

Currency convertibility, английский
  1. Конвертируемость валюты;

  2. Конвертируемость валюты.

Currency convertibility risk, английский
    Risk of loss resulting from inability to convert a currency into another as a result of politica/economical policy

Currency gap, английский

Currency inspection, английский

Currency matching, английский

Currency of payment, английский

Currency offences, английский

Currency rate, английский
  1. Ценовой курс одной валюты против какой-то другой;

  2. Ценовой курс одной валюты против какой-то дру¬гой.

Currency risk, английский
    Risk of loss resulting from adverse effects of movements in currency exchange rates including:

Currency risk equivalents: exchange risk, foreign-exchange risk., английский

Currency swap, английский

Currency terms and conditions of a contract, английский

Currency trading, английский
    Торговые операции по покупке-продаже одних валют против других но установленным правилам.

Currency traiding, английский
    Торговые операции по покупке-продаже одних валют против других по установленным правилам;

Currency-gap ratio, английский

Currency-gap risk, английский

Cryptocurrency, английский
    A form of digital currency based on mathematics, where encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds. furthermore, cryptocurrencies operate independently of a central bank.

Permissioned ledger, английский
    A permissioned ledger is a ledger where actors must have permission to access the ledger. permissioned ledgers may have one or many owners. when a new record is added, the ledger’s integrity is checked by a limited consensus process. this is carried out by trusted actors — government departments or banks, for example — which makes maintaining a shared record much simpler that the consensus process used by unpermissioned ledgers. permissioned block chains provide highly-verifiable data sets because the consensus process creates a digital signature, which can be seen by all parties. a permissioned ledger is usually faster than an unpermissioned ledger.

Off-ledger currency, английский
    A currency minted off-ledger and used on-ledger. an example of this would be using distributed ledgers to manage a national currency.