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Private blockchains

Глоссарий по криптовалютам и блокчейну
    A fully private blockchain is a blockchain where write permissions are kept centralized to one organization. read permissions may be public or restricted to an arbitrary extent. likely applications include database management, auditing, etc. internal to a single company, and so public readability may not be necessary in many cases at all, though in other cases public auditability is desired

Blockchain, английский
  1. A blockchain is a type of distributed ledger, comprised of unchangable, digitally recorded data in packages called blocks (rather like collating them on to a single sheet of paper). each block is then ‘chained’ to the next block, using a cryptographic signature. this allows block chains to be used like a ledger, which can be shared and accessed by anyone with the appropriate permissions.

  2. Shared, trusted, public ledger of transactions, that everyone can inspect but which no single user controls. it is a cryptographed, secure, tamper resistant distributed database. it solves a complex mathematical problem to exist. a blockchain is a perfect place to store value, identities, agreements, property rights, credentials, etc. once you put something like a bitcoin into it, it will stay there forever. it is decentralized, disintermediated, cheap and censorship resistant. applications of blockchain: bitcoin (cryptocurrency), namecoin (wants to replace the entire dns system of the internet), or sia (a decentralized cloud storage), ethereum (turing complete virtual machine where you can run any smart contract); any centralized service like ebay, dropbox can potentially be built in a decentralized way using blockchain technology, considerably lowering transaction costs

Private, немецкий

Private, английский
  1. Pilot`s licence свидетельство летчика-любителя

  2. Частный, индивидуального пользования или владения

  3. The proper designation of a soldier serving in the ranks of the army, holding no special position.

  4. [1] said of a soldier, seaman or marine holding no rank. [2] non-governmental.

  5. Частный; собственный; личный; скрытый; закрытый

Private (final) consumption expenditure, английский
    Частные (конечные) потребительские расходы (в снс; конечные расходы домашних хозяйств и частных некоммерческих организаций на потребление товаров и услуг). см. personal consumption expenditure; consumers’ expenditure

Private (telephone) installation, английский

Private accounting, английский
    Бухгалтерский учет, см. business accounting, business accounts

Private address, английский
    Приватный адрес; ip-адрес, принадлежащий диапазону

Private address space, английский
    Выделенная область адресов; собственное адресное пространство

Private area, английский
    The area, whether within or outside a building, which is reserved for the exclusive use of a single family. private branch exchange (pbx) a private telephone switching system located on the customer’s premises, usually serving an organization (such as a business or government agency). it switches telephone calls within a building and also to an outside telephone network.

Private armed vessel, английский
    A non-governmental vessel which carries weapons and ammunition for defensive purposes only. under admiralty law such a vessel is non-combatant and does not acquire the legal status of warship or privateer. (see also public armed vessel.)

Private atm switch, английский
    Частный коммутатор atm

Private attribute, английский
    Атрибут "личный"

Private automated branch exchange, английский

Private automatic branch exchange, английский
  1. Учрежденческая атс с исходящей и входящей связью (с городом)

  2. Частная автоматическая телефонная станция с выходом в сеть общего пользования; учрежденческая автоматическая телефонная станция с исходящей и входящей связью

Private automatic exchange, английский
  1. Автоматическая телефонная станция ограниченного пользования

  2. Частная телефонная станция без выхода в общую сеть; учрежденческая атс без исходящей и входящей связи

Private banking, английский

Private branch exchange, английский
    Учрежденческая телефонная станция с исходящей и входящей связью; частная телефонная станция с выходом в общую сеть

Private business network, английский
    Частная коммерческая сеть

Private circuit, английский
    Выделенный канал; частный канал

Private class member, английский
    Скрытый компонент класса

Permissions, английский
    Права доступа; полномочия

Centralized, английский
  1. Hvac system a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system having a single heating and/or cooling source for air distribution.

  2. Централизованный

Organization, английский
  1. Организация

  2. N организация lexical ~ лексическая организация orientational a ориентационный metaphor

Restricted, английский

Management, английский
  1. Управление; руководство

  2. Управление, руководство

  3. 1) управление, руководство 2) администрация

  4. 1. the organising or running of an organisation such as a hospital, clinic or health authority 2. the organisation of a series of different treatments for a person

  5. Управление (деятельностью программы, организации)

  6. Лечение. в контексте клинических исследований слово «management» («управление») может иметь значение «лечение». например, diabetes management - лечение диабета. встречающийся термин: ведение

Readability, английский
    N удобочитаемость test

Auditability, английский

Consensus (general), английский
    A fundamental problem in distributed computing is to achieve overall system reliability in the presence of a number of faulty processes. this often requires processes to agree on some data value that is needed during computation. the consensus problem requires agreement among a number of processes for a single data value. some of the processes may fail or be unreliable in other ways, so consensus protocols must be fault tolerant. the processes must somehow put forth their candidate values, communicate with one another, and agree on a single consensus value. the bitcoin blockchain uses electricity to ensure the security of the system. it creates an economic system where you can only participate by incurring costs, proof of work (pow). you do that for the possibility of reward/bitcoin. if you spend money, and you play fair by the rules, you get money back. if you cheat, you lose money. it doesn’t pay to cheat. this simple game theoretical equilibrium is the core of the bitcoin consensus algorithm

Consortium blockchains, английский
    A consortium blockchain is a blockchain where the consensus process is controlled by a pre-selected set of nodes; for example, one might imagine a consortium of 15 financial institutions, each of which operates a node and of which ten must sign every block for the block to be valid. the right to read the blockchain may be public or restricted to the participants. there are also hybrid routes such as the root hashes of the blocks being public together with an api that allows members of the public to make a limited number of queries and get back cryptographic proofs of some parts of the blockchain state. these blockchains may be considered “partially decentralized”