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Public blockchains

Глоссарий по криптовалютам и блокчейну
    A public blockchain is a blockchain that anyone in the world can read, anyone in the world can send transactions to and expect to see them included if they are valid, and anyone in the world can participate in the consensus process – the process for determining what blocks get added to the chain and what the current state is. as a substitute for centralized or quasi-centralized trust, public blockchains are secured by crypto economics – the combination of economic incentives and cryptographic verification using mechanisms such as proof of work or proof of stake, following a general principle that the degree to which someone can have an influence in the consensus process is proportional to the quantity of economic resources that they can bring to bear. these blockchains are generally considered to be “fully decentralized”

Blockchain, английский
  1. A blockchain is a type of distributed ledger, comprised of unchangable, digitally recorded data in packages called blocks (rather like collating them on to a single sheet of paper). each block is then ‘chained’ to the next block, using a cryptographic signature. this allows block chains to be used like a ledger, which can be shared and accessed by anyone with the appropriate permissions.

  2. Shared, trusted, public ledger of transactions, that everyone can inspect but which no single user controls. it is a cryptographed, secure, tamper resistant distributed database. it solves a complex mathematical problem to exist. a blockchain is a perfect place to store value, identities, agreements, property rights, credentials, etc. once you put something like a bitcoin into it, it will stay there forever. it is decentralized, disintermediated, cheap and censorship resistant. applications of blockchain: bitcoin (cryptocurrency), namecoin (wants to replace the entire dns system of the internet), or sia (a decentralized cloud storage), ethereum (turing complete virtual machine where you can run any smart contract); any centralized service like ebay, dropbox can potentially be built in a decentralized way using blockchain technology, considerably lowering transaction costs

Public, английский
  1. Общественность/ общественный

  2. Общественность

  3. Общий; общедоступный; открытый; экспортируемый

Public, английский

Public ., английский

Public access, английский
    Открытый доступ; общий доступ

Public access channel, английский
    A cable television channel specifically designated as a noncommercial public access channel available on a first-come, non-discriminatory basis.

Public access provider, английский
    An organization that provides internet access for individuals or other organizations, often for a fee.

Public access terminal, английский

Public address, английский
    Система оповещения

Public address (system), английский
    Система общего оповещения, система громкоговорящей связи

Public address and general alarm system, английский
    Система оповещения и общей сигнализации

Public address system, английский
  1. Громкоговорящая система оповещения

  2. Широковещательная система; система громкой связи

Public address/general alarm, английский

Public advocate, английский

Public affairs, английский
    Общественные дела в санитарном просвещении – деятельность, проводимая в общественных интересах.

Public archives of canada, английский

Public area, английский
    Any area which is free and open to the general public at all times.

Public armed vessel, английский
    A privately-owned craft converted for naval use, commissioned by a state and crewed by its military, but not part of the official navy. (see private armed vessel.)

Public assistance payments, английский
    Выплаты по программе общественной помощи

Public atm switch, английский
    Коммутатор atm общего пользования

Public availability session, английский
    An informal, drop-by meeting at which community members can meet one-on-one with atsdr staff members to discuss health and site-related concerns.

Transactions, английский
    Операции (в снс; понятия, относящиеся к реализации товаров и услуг экономическими единицами, получающими за это определенную компенсацию; по характеру объектов подразделяются на текущие, т. е. предназначенные для немедленного использования или потребления, и капитальные операции, т. е. по увеличению национального богатства)

Participate, английский

Substitute, английский
  1. N замена, заместитель, замещение (см. тж. substitution) anaphoric ~ анафорический заместитель dependent ~ зависимый заместитель interrogative ~ вопросительное замещение

  2. Заменяющий вымпел

Centralized, английский
  1. Hvac system a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system having a single heating and/or cooling source for air distribution.

  2. Централизованный

Combination, английский
  1. Комбинация, сочетание

  2. Комбинация, сочетание сомсм communications counter- measures меры противодействия радиосвязи противника 163

  3. Сочетание; комбинация (сочетание взаимосвязанных признаков изобретения).

  4. Сочетание; комбинация (сочетание взаимосвязанных признаков изобретения)

  5. Отношение

  6. N сочетание word ~ словосочетание

  7. Комбинация; соединение; сочетание; объединение; набор; система

Cryptographic, английский
  1. Криптографический

  2. Криптографический; шифровальный

Verification, английский
  1. Testing and evaluation of an item of equipment or a system to assure compliance with its specification or other requirements.

  2. An oral or written statement, usually made under oath, saying that something is true

  3. The confirmation by examination and provision of objective evidence that specified requirements have been fulfilled. [clsi]

  4. Проверка, контроль

  5. Проверка, подтверждение

  6. Верификация

  7. Проверка

Mechanisms, английский

Proportional, английский
  1. Член пропорции

  2. A пропорциональный analogy

  3. Пропорциональный

Decentralized, английский

Testnet, английский
  1. A second blockchain used by developers for testing new versions of client software without putting real value at risk

  2. Те­сто­вая це­поч­ка бло­ков тран­зак­ций. ис­поль­зу­ет­ся раз­ра­бот­чи­ка­ми, чтобы не тра­тить день­ги в ос­нов­ной це­поч­ке.

Proof of authority(poa), английский
    A proof of authority is a consensus mechanism in a private blockchain which essentially gives one client(or a specific number of clients) with one particular private key the right to make all of the blocks in the blockchain