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Экран платы форматирования

    Shield formatter, английский

    Exposure, английский
    1. Exposure of a shot depends on the amount of light entering the lens. this can usually be controlled on your digital camcorder

    2. Aspect

    3. Sensitivity to a source of risk

    4. Экспозиция; воздействие

    5. Выдержка

    6. Contact with a substance by swallowing, breathing, or touching the skin or eyes. exposure may be short-term [acute exposure], of intermediate duration, or long-term [chronic exposure].

    7. The amount of light that reaches the image sensor and is controlled by a combination of the lens aperture and shutter speed.

    8. The result of light that reaches any recording surface through the combination of time (shutter speed) and quantity (lens diaphragm size).

    9. Exposure is the phenomenon of light striking the surface of film or a digital imaging sensor. the exposure is determined by the volume of light passing through the lens aperture (f/stop) combined with the duration of the exposure (shutter speed). for more on this subject, see the explora article, “understanding aperture.”

    10. The amount of light that enters the lens and strikes the film or sensor. exposures are broken down into aperture, which is the diameter of the opening of the lens, and shutter speed, which is the amount of time the light strikes the film. thus, exposure is a combination of the intensity and duration of light.

    11. The total amount of light reaching the digital sensor. it is controlled by setting the aperture, shutter speed and iso. discover how these 3 elements work together in our article on the exposure triangle.

    12. Amount of light that hits the image sensor of film controlled by the shutter speed and aperture.

    13. Exposición

    14. Expuosición

    15. Of a wood shake:

    16. 1. the fact of being exposed to something  his exposure to radiation 2. the fact of being damp, cold and with no protection from the weather  the survivors of the crash were all suffering from exposure after spending a night in the snow.

    17. Внешнее воздействие

    18. Контакт с возбудителем инфекции; воздействие; экспозиция; f

    19. Контакт с возбудителем инфекции; воздействие; экспозиция;

    20. Незащищенность данных ехрг выражение

    21. The proportional mass of a diamond or other cutting medium protruding beyond the surface of the metal in which it is inset in the face of the bit. sometimes incorrectly called clearance.

    22. An outcrop. ex rod. see ex 4. see also appendix, table exs. letter name for an e-range step-face bit set to cut the same size of core and borehole as a dcdma standard ex core and borehole. exsa6. letter name for a nonstandard core bit the outside and inside set diameters of which are 1.454 and 0.873 inches, respectively. the fitting reaming-shell set diameter is 1.484 inches. ext. cdda standard-size core bit the set outside and inside diameters of which are 1.460 and 0.905 inches, respectively. the set diameter of the fitting reaming shell is 1.484 inches.

    Shield formatter, английский