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16 сентября, 2019

Цифра дня: Сколько человек в США говорит на русском языке

16 сентября, 2019

Греческий текст в славянском переводе

16 сентября, 2019

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Глоссарий технических терминов

    Satellite, английский
    1. These satellites orbit above the earth and send and receive signals sent by the antennas.

    2. (искусственный) спутник

    3. An electronics retransmission device serving as repeater normally placed in orbit around the earth in the geostationary orbit for the purpose of receiving and retransmitting electromagnetic signals. it normally receives signals from a single source and retransmits them over a wide geographic area. c/ku band domestic communications satellites operate on two frequency ranges designated c and ku band. each require specific electronic equipment. c band is less expensive; operates at 4 khz. ku-band operates at 12 khz. some teleconferences are broadcast on both bands. many satellites are now built with both c and ku band capacity.

    Обнаружения, русский

    Apocentre, английский