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23 мая, 2019

Самые трудные слова для написания в английском языке

22 мая, 2019

Слово дня: Фотобомбинг

22 мая, 2019

Польский Даугавпилс

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Глоссарий технических терминов

    Temperature, английский
    1. Température

    2. Dry-bulb - temperature of air as indicated by a standard thermometer.

    3. An expression of thermal energy density. how hot or cold an object is.

    4. The measure of the intensity of heat that a substance possesses.

    5. Температура

    6. Температура тмр test methods and procedures методы проведения испытаний и последовательность их проведения тмр theodolite measuring point кинотеодолитная станция

    7. Temperatura, fiebre

    8. The condition attained when the wetted wick of a wet-bulb thermometer has reached a stable and constant temperature when exposed to moving air in excess of 900 ft (274.3 m) per minute.

    9. 1. the heat of the body or of the surrounding air, measured in degrees  the doctor asked the nurse what the patient’s temperature was.  his temperature was slightly above normal.  the thermometer showed a temperature of 99°f.  to take a patient’s temperature to insert a thermometer in someone’s body to see what his or her body temperature is  they took his temperature every four hours.  when her temperature was taken this morning, it was normal. 2. illness when your body is hotter than normal  he’s in bed with a temperature.  her mother says she’s got a temperature, and can’t come to work. comment: the average body temperature is about 37° celsius or 98° fahrenheit. this temperature may vary during the day, and can rise if a person has taken a hot bath or had a hot drink. if the environmental temperature is high, the body has to sweat to reduce the heat gained from the air around it. if the outside temperature is low, the body shivers, because rapid movement of the muscles generates heat. a fever will cause the body temperature to rise sharply, to 40°c (103°f) or more. hypothermia exists when the body temperature falls below about 35°c (95°f).

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