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31 июля, 2020

Лингвистическая помощь: "Кофе навынос" или "кофе на вынос" - как правильно?

30 июля, 2020

Слово дня: Снайпер

29 июля, 2020

Исследование: Самый популярный иностранный язык в Грузии - русский

28 июля, 2020

Лингвистическая помощь: "Пришли мне галоши" или "пришли мне калоши" - как правильно?

27 июля, 2020

Слово дня: Гранат

25 июля, 2020

В российских библиотеках появятся специальные места для книг 18+

24 июля, 2020

Лингвистическая помощь: Как правильно - "который час" или "сколько времени"?

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Глоссарий технических терминов

    Traverse, английский
    1. In common law pleading, a denial. where a defendant denies any material allegation of fact in the plaintiff’s declaration

    2. Denotes the several courses a ship makes under the changes of wind or man[oe]uvres. it is self-evident that if she steered a course there would be no traverse. but her course being north, and the wind from the north, it is evident she could have but two courses open to her, e.n.e., or w.n.w. the reduction of the distances run on each course, corrected for variation and lee-way, constitutes the traverse table, from which the reckoning is deduced each day up to noon. from this zig-zag set of lines we have the term tom cox`s traverse (which see). also, in fortification, a mound, often of parapet form, raised to cover from enfilade or reverse fire. also, to traverse a gun or mortar. to alter its direction from right to left, or vice versa, with handspikes, tackles, &c.

    3. [1] to swivel a gun laterally. [2] to brace yards fore-and-aft. [3] to determine the course resulting from several changes of direction.

    Intersection, английский
    1. The intersection of two or more sets is the set of elements that all the sets have in common; the elements contained in every one of the sets. the intersection of the events a and b is written "a∩b," "a and b," and "ab." c.f. union. see also venn diagrams.

    2. Пересечение

    3. N пересечение (ант. non-intersection) intersemiotic a межсемиотический translation intersentential a между предложениями (ант. intrasentential) linkage

    4. The point in which one line crosses another.

    5. The point at which a deliberate deflection of the trend of a borehole is made.

    6. The point at which a drill hole enters a specific ore body, fault, or rock material.

    7. Meeting of two ore bodies or veins, or the point at which a vein or ore body meets a fault, dike or rock strata. 4. the point at which two underground workings connect.

    Превращения, русский

    Pahadium, английский