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Day sailer

International Bareboat Skipper (IYT)
    A small sailboat. dead downwind. sailing in a direction straight downwind.

Day, английский
  1. The interval of light between two successive nights; the time between sunrise and sunset

  2. День; дневной; днем

  3. One division in a window, as in a large church window.

  4. The astronomical day is reckoned from noon to noon, continuously through the twenty-four hours, like the other days. it commences at noon, twelve hours after the civil day, which itself begins twelve hours after the nautical day, so that the noon of the civil day, the beginning of the astronomical day, and the end of the nautical day, occur at the

  5. In modern usage every kind of solar time has its zero or stating point at midnight, but this has not always been so. in recent times there have been four conventions for measuring the start and finish of a day. [1] the civil or calendar day began at midnight, as it still does. [2] until january 1, 1925, the astronomical day began at noon, 12 hours later than the start of the calendar day of the same date. [3] until october 11, 1805, the nautical day also began at noon, but 12 hours earlier than the calendar day, and a full day (24 hours) earlier than the astronomical day of the same date. [4] the sidereal day is not a solar measurement like the first three, but rather the time required for a complete rotation of the earth in reference to any star or to the vernal equinox at the meridian, equal to 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4.09 seconds in units of mean solar time.

  6. День; сутки

Day, английский

Day and night television system, английский
    Телевизионная система дневного и ночного видения

Day around order, английский
    A day order that supersedes ( cancels and replaces) the previous order by altering its size or price limit.

Day beacon, английский
    An unlighted fixed structure which is equipped with a dayboard for daytime identification.

Day blindness, английский
    Same as hemeralopia

Day bomber, английский
    Дневной бомбардировщик

Day box, английский

Day cab, английский
    A truck cab without a sleeper berth.

Day care, английский
    Supervised recreation or medical care provided during the day for people who need special help, e.g. some elderly people or small children

Day care program, английский

Day case, английский
    Same as day patient

Day case surgery, английский
    Same as day surgery

Day centre, английский
    A place providing day care

Day clock, английский
    Датчик истинного времени; часы истинного времени daylightдневной свет (эффект освещенности)

Day coach, английский
    Пассажирский вагон с сидячими местами

Day coal, английский

Day frequency, английский
    Дневная частота, частота для дневной радиосвязи

Day gate, английский
    In a bank, an interior grille door to a safe-deposit vault; used when the main vault door is open.

Day hospital, английский
    A hospital where people are treated during the day and go home in the evenings

Day job, английский

P.f.d, английский
    Abbreviation for personal flotation device such as a life jacket.

Breastj inc, английский
    A short line leading directly from the boat to the dock.